#LOTG Season #1 Podcast Episode #3 – Sequencing and Leadership

Episode THREE of the intrepidNOW podcast series, Leadership on the Ground, with Erica Peitler and co-host Todd Schnick, editor-in-chief at the intrepidNOW Network.

Everything you think you know about leadership, is about to be turned upside down…

What does ‘sequencing’ mean and how does it relate to #Leadership? Listen in as bestselling author and leadership performance coach Erica Peitler explains…

Sequencing and Leadership


EPISODE THREE: Sequencing and Leadership

Discussion Guide from this episode:

1. Why does sequence matter?

2. We will always talk about self, team, and then organization. You CANNOT be an effective leader without focusing on yourself FIRST. You have to work on your blind spots
first. “Understand what is next in the sequence of YOUR OWN development.”

3. The first mistake MOST LEADERS make is NOT properly setting expectations. Without doing do, leadership is just plain hard. Without this, you cannot achieve true accountability.

4. After setting expectations, you then have to “stay in the pocket.”

5. We talked about “communication and relationships” in a past episode. Now, in the context of thinking about expectations and accountability, you begin to better understand their importance.

6. Why the idea of “mutually agreed…” matters.

7. Is there a model that applies to achieving these same things at a team level (these are far more complex)? This might be called “analytical rigor.”

8. Shifting to organizations, most organizations want growth, but aren’t prepared for growth. How should we think about sequencing here?

9. When an organization says, “We don’t have a leader ready to take on this new challenge, right now” this generally means leadership development is out of sequence.

10. “Strategy matters, yes. But the culture and the right people on the bus matter too…BEFORE strategy.”

11. KEY TO LEADERSHIP (and SEQUENCE MATTERS HERE): In order, Culture, Talent, Strategy, Performance

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