#LOTG Season #1 Podcast Episode #7 – How to Create Your Action Agenda

Episode SEVEN of the intrepidNOW podcast series, Leadership on the Ground, with Erica Peitler and co-host Todd Schnick, editor-in-chief at the intrepidNOW Network.

Everything you think you know about leadership, is about to be turned upside down…

Listen in as we conclude this podcast series with a discussion on how to create your Leadership on the Ground action agenda.

How to Create your Action Agenda


EPISODE SEVEN: How to Create your Action Agenda

Discussion Guide from this final episode of the series:

1. Key initial steps to setting your Leadership on the Ground action agenda.

2. This is critical whether you are setting an individual plan, leading a team, or leading an organization. You need an action agenda at ALL levels.

3. “You need to manage your VIPS (voice, impact, presence, style).” You shouldn’t lead by chance.

4. An action agenda at the individual level is a development plan – what do you need to be working on?

5. At the team level, you have to deliver the work, you have to help develop your team, and help develop healthy team dynamics.

6. The three disciplines: Administrative, engagement, and productivity.

7. The organizational excellence model: create an environment that is safe; establish content and culture; make sure your talent is in the right seats; define how you are measuring performance; create master communicators.

8. How do you begin this entire process of Leadership on the Ground? How do you get started on the right path?

9. Don’t think this is an overnight conversion to Leadership on the Ground, this is a long-term process that requires practice and discipline.


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