Leadership on the Ground Podcast Season #3 – The Rhythm of Leadership

The Rhythm of Leadership

Leadership on the Ground Season #3 – The Rhythm of Leadership

In Seasons 1 and 2, we focused mainly on the individual and how to acquire fundamental skills and then apply them in real time, situation by situation.

So, entry points, altitude, sequencing, calling out unproductive behaviors…all are critical building blocks to get us to build a strong foundation.

In Season 3, we take our learning to a more MACRO level. We now look at the concept of RHYTHM and how team leaders and organizational leaders can use their energy and rhythm to achieve performance and productivity.

Rhythm…if you look up the definition: is a strong, repeated movement or sound, a systematic arrangement. It is a pattern. Great leaders have rhythm in the way they lead.


In Season 3 we will explore the following concepts:

Episode 1: Facilitating Progress & Aligned Action

Episode 2: Creating & Owning the Narrative

Episode 3: Establishing Forums for Productive Engagement

Episode 4: Embracing Personality Hardwiring Differences

Episode 5: Navigating the Dynamics of Lifecycles

Episode 6: Accelerating Talent Development to Build Your Bench





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