#LOTG Season #3 Podcast Episode #3 – Establishing Forums for Productive Engagement

Season 3 Episode THREE of the intrepidNOW podcast series, Leadership on the Ground, with Erica Peitler and co-host Todd Schnick, editor-in-chief at the intrepidNOW Network.

The Rhythm of Leadership…

Listen in as we discuss Establishing Forums for Productive Engagement.

Productive Engagement

SEASON 3 EPISODE THREE – Establishing Forums for Productive Engagement

Discussion Guide for this episode:

1. Erica leads us off by explaining what she means by establishing forums for productive engagement.

2. Having these types of forums are mission critical, but too many organizations don’t even think about it…

3. Are you creating safe space for people to have meaningful interactions where progress can be made?

4. But don’t we already have too many “meetings?” Don’t people hate meetings? What’s the difference between a standard meeting and a forum for productive engagement?

5. “Task-driven or information-sharing vs. Purpose-driven! This is how a leader can establish rhythm for meaningful action.”

6. Erica further explains “productive engagement.”

7. We’ve talked about how to look for entry points to make impact. And forums are golden opportunities to use them. In fact, a forum is designed to ENCOURAGE you to do so.

8. Note: these forums need a very specific purpose and objective.

9. What are some types of forums that leaders can orchestrate? Business performance, organizational, workshops, retreats, and people forums (coaching circles, succession planning, etc.) to name a few.

10. Some organizations have too many forums, but most have too few. What are the pitfalls of this?

11. It’s hard to conceive of making any kind of organizational progress WITHOUT having these kinds of forums…

12. There is a natural rhythm to forums, and forums contribute to the rhythm of the organization, but…there are obviously some rhythm killers here to understand too. [Pink Elephants, from Season 2, to name one…]

13. “You cannot have one forum to DISCUSS EVERYTHING…”

14. Most meetings that achieve little are just poorly-organized forums…


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