#LOTG Season #4 Podcast Episode #3 – Leading Yourself – Part 2, Utilizing Your Leadership Voice to Influence!

Season 4 Episode THREE of the intrepidNOW podcast series, Leadership on the Ground, with Erica Peitler and co-host Todd Schnick, editor-in-chief at the intrepidNOW Network.

The Tensions of Leadership…

Listen in as we discuss Leading Yourself – Part 2, Utilizing Your Leadership Voice to Influence!

Utilizing Your Leadership Voice to Influence


SEASON 4 EPISODE THREE – Leading Yourself – Part 2, Utilizing Your Leadership Voice to Influence!

Discussion Guide for this episode:

1.  In leading yourself, you have to figure out what your end game is first. Where do you want to take your leadership practice?

2.  Do you want to lead something? Or do you want to be a thought leader or trusted advisor?

3.  What are the differences between transactional players and trusted advisors? And the decision to be one or the other is a significant tension leaders will face.

4.  “The tension of expectations.”

5.  “Do I really want to be a team leader, or to lead an organization?” And sometimes we do this because we think that’s what the organization (or friends and family) wants, when it really doesn’t fit our skill sets and desires.

6.  As best you can, resolve these kinds of personal leadership tensions as early as you can.

7.  Don’t forget, organizations need technical experts and transactional players too. Not everyone can be a “leader.”

8.  Veritas vs. Gravitas. Gravitas is having the ability to make an impact, to influence!

9.  How “role modeling” plays into this…

10.  The two types of mindsets: Growth vs. Fixed. Most of us leave a job because we don’t care for our boss, and that boss is typically of a fixed mindset.

11.  The modern business leader needs to have a growth mindset. But…can someone operating out of a fixed mindset, change?

12.  Asking the key question, “Who do we serve?” Do you serve the master? Or do you serve the team? You cannot just serve your direct reports, you need to serve the whole organization.

13.  Manipulating versus influencing. Are they different?


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