#LOTG Season #4 Podcast Episode #4 – Leading Teams – Part 1: Recalibrating Yourself As A Leader!

Season 4 Episode FOUR of the intrepidNOW podcast series, Leadership on the Ground, with Erica Peitler and co-host Todd Schnick, editor-in-chief at the intrepidNOW Network.

The Tensions of Leadership…

Listen in as we discuss Leading Teams – Part 1: Recalibrating Yourself As A Leader!

Leading Teams - Part 1: Recalibrating Yourself As A Leader!


SEASON 4 EPISODE FOUR – Leading Teams – Part 1: Recalibrating Yourself As A Leader!

Discussion Guide for this episode:

1. Now that we are shifting our knowing and doing to leading teams, this is still You on You.

2. You are now moving from “delivering work” to “developing,” or delivering work through OTHER PEOPLE. What is this transition about? Before, you were a practitioner, a contributor. This is an entirely different set of skills.

3. Remember, leadership is a skilled profession, and these are skills you can learn and develop!

4. The shift from ME-ology to WE-ology!

5. A critical first tension is letting go of the work. Can you let others do the work you were once responsible for, not that you are leading a team? Can you give your team the space and the coaching to learn those new tasks? Many struggle with this tension…

6. You now have position power. And the problem comes when new leaders abuse that power.

7. You want to use your “personal” power to engage and influence, not your “position” power which is just top down command and control.

8. You want to be carefrontational, not confrontational.

9. The next tension is dealing with obstacles, challenges and problems. Are you going to address them? Or avoid them?

10. Next tension to face: will you provide answers? Or questions? Are they dependent ON YOU? Or FROM YOU?

11. Will you EMPOWER your team? Or will you CONTROL your team? People need to understand the WHAT you are asking, but need the freedom to complete the task. We need to create the space that our team can grow into the people they can be.

12. This is where emotional intelligence and self-awareness is so important! EQ is more important than IQ!

13. “If you have to be the smartest person in the room, you probably aren’t the right person to be a team leader.”

14. Are you the leader of the team? Or a part of the team? Your role is to DEVELOP your team, not to PROTECT your team. You need to PREPARE your team to do what they need to do.

15. How does the team make decisions?

16. Are you going to be a leader that makes your team EARN trust? Or will you GIVE trust? Why does that matter?

17. Will you as a team leader resolve the tension of clarity and closure?


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