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We Balance Dynamic Tensions

  • Every Organization needs STRUCTURE (processes/systems) as well as FREEDOM (innovative energy for creativity) to thrive and develop a great culture with great talent. 
  • We bring both ENTREPRENEURIAL and ENTERPRISE expertise to the table with our Learning Journeys!
  • Having played both roles at different times in our own careers, we understand the gifts AND skills brought forward by Enterprise as well as Entrepreneurial leaders.
  • During different parts of your lifecycle or in different parts of your organization, one will need to take the lead and one will provide support. Being clear on these dynamics will help you to maximize the contributions of both!
  • Your Organization needs a calibrated balance of BOTH! We will help you find your GOLDILOCKS!

We Reveal Your Individual and Team Hard-Wiring

  • To assist you in understanding the skills and talents of all of your leaders we will do diagnostic work including hardwiring personality assessments with your team to provide insights into “who is at the table” and how you can all work best together!
  • We have had experiences working with dynamic sales organizations who possess tremendous Entrepreneurial skills that wanted to UPSKILL in leading at the Enterprise level! We know what this takes!
  • We have also worked with well run Enterprises that needed to breakthrough on an Entrepreneurial (or “Intrapreneurial”) level to infuse new growth and innovation approaches to their teams. We know what this takes as well!
  • It takes a village of BOTH types of leaders working together to win in the business world today!
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