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dna connect | Co-Creative And Definitely Not Neutral!

NOT Neutral!

We Have a Point of View and We Will Share it with You!

  • We are Coaches who practice CO-CREATIVE FACILITATION in team and organizational settings. 
  • We will openly share the depth and scope of our business experiences, insights and perspectives with you!

Our Role in the Co-Creative Process

  • We understand CEOs and Senior Executives! We have been there ourselves AND have successfully coached them for over 15 years!
  • Part of our Street Smart + People Smart approach is that our RELATIONSHIP with you is REAL and founded on mutual respect.
  • We will actively DEMONSTRATE our trust with you as we “go there” and have the “tough” conversations required to break through the historical baggage that may have limited your team’s performance and productivity.
  • We will EQUALLY challenge you (the leader) as well as all the participants in the room! In fact, this real time engagement with you can be a GAME CHANGING opportunity to authentically demonstrate your VULNERABILITY and growth mindset as the leader!
  • Our open and real time interactions with you will also build the confidence and readiness of your team to grow faster as they see you take risks and make changes in the SAFE SPACE!
  • We will help you to discover your pain points—then coach you to design solutions with the resources currently available to you.
  • We will also encourage you to consider the risks and consequences (positive and negative) for NOT ACTING as well as ACTING on what you experience during your Leadership Learning Journey!

Your Role in the Co-Creative Process

  • Your Leadership VOICE in the design of the journey as well as in the room is CRITICAL to your success.
  • As the leader, we will give you the space and opportunity to observe, participate and SHAPE the conversations in the direction you believe your team needs to go. We will create entry points for you to be BOTH a participant and an active co-facilitator!
  • You will need to clearly communicate to your team upfront as well as throughout the process that the CHOICES are always YOURS to make as a team/organization. We will provide our input and POV—You are the Decision Makers!

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dna connect | Co-Creative And Definitely Not Neutral!
dna connect | Co-Creative And Definitely Not Neutral!