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Always Externally Searching for Relevant News & Insights

Being on the LEADING EDGE of new learning, research, books, articles, conferences, blogs and speaker events involving leadership and major business evolutions is a challenge we enthusiastically embrace! 

If it is relevant in the business world, and especially, the world of leadership —we are curious and want to know about it!

We will CURATE it and bring it to you in a straightforward, practical way that is easily integrated within the CONTENT of your journey so you can apply the insights within YOUR Business CONTEXT IMMEDIATELY!

Journeys Are Like Fingerprints—UNIQUE!

We believe we have achieved a level of mastery in how to quickly and simply immerse ourselves in learning about YOUR unique environment, culture, talent, strategy, performance and messaging.

We synthesize insights from our introductory sessions with you and then CUSTOMIZE your leadership journey experience for your business and cultural CONTEXT along with our Leadership Rigor content!

We align and where appropriate directly incorporate into your learning journey the critical elements you are trying to accomplish.

This includes:

  • Your Purpose–Why—Vision—Mission
  • Company History and Relevant Milestones
  • Core Values and Principles that define your culture
  • Goals and Objectives for Performance
  • Navigating your Life Cycle stages
  • Your Competitive Environment
  • Stakeholder Dynamics (internal and external)
  • Assessments + Change Management tools in use
  • Your Current and Future Talent Bench needs

This is where we start! What unfolds from here is a dynamic CO-CREATIVE partnership!

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dna connect | CURATORS of Context and Content!
dna connect | CURATORS of Context and Content!