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The Dynamics of Skill Acquisition

Our customized journey approach will create learning experiences that will allow you to explore your current realities and future desires in a SAFE SPACE environment where there is “nothing we cannot talk about” (though be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone!). 

GROWTH does not happen personally or professionally without taking RISKS and making CHANGES.

Executive leadership learning works best when it is:

  • Outlined VISUALLY
  • Experienced KINESTHETICALLY (hands on)

Your journey experience will take place in MULTIPLE ENVIRONMENTS:

  • Structured Workshop Settings
  • Small Group Breakout Sessions
  • PODS or Coaching Groups
  • 1 To 1 Coaching Sessions

The journey experience surrounds you with learning opportunities to see, hear and feel the changes taking place as you progress individually and collectively as a Team/Organization.

The Dynamics of Skill Application

Extrapolating your learning from the workshop environment into the real world of practical application requires crossing what we refer to as the KNOWING-DOING GAP. 

This courageous leap requires you to TAKE ACTION! We will work with you to ensure you first acquire and then apply your skills with agility!

We practice LOOP-Learning Techniques! This means that the journey is an ITERATIVE process. We integrate new learning, evolving business developments and emerging talent dynamics in real time and over time!

Our approach gives you the opportunity to practice your skills outside of the room and then bring your learning experiences back into the room for discussion!

The impact is that the GROWTH process COMPOUNDS quickly and goes beyond the participants involved in the structured journey—to those who are also working directly or cross-functionally with these leaders.

Our most significant breakthroughs have come from our clients who engage and cascade their Leadership Learning Journey to all members of their organization!

Regardless of your Organization’s SIZE, we can design a journey that works for you!

COMING SOON: New Program innovations that will allow all of the Leadership Rigor tools and techniques to be shared across all of your teams whether you number in the hundreds or thousands of employees.

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dna connect | EXPERIENTIAL Experi-MENTORS!
dna connect | EXPERIENTIAL Experi-MENTORS!