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We Create SAFE SPACE Learning Environments

  • This is part of our MAGIC and WHY Learning Journeys are so powerful!
  • We create SAFE SPACE IN THE ROOM by consciously and boldly building TRUST.
  • And while many “attempt” to do this challenging work, we believe we have innovative approaches that deliver tangible breakthroughs ON THE GROUND and IN REAL TIME!
  • Full disclosure, we will use some PROVOCATIVE techniques as well to demonstrate our OWN authenticity in the process! “We believe that there is nothing we cannot talk about!”
  • The reality is that learning cannot take place without first creating an environment where there is mutually acknowledged SAFE SPACE with all participants for open and honest communication WITHOUT FEAR of retribution, hurting relationships or being misunderstood!
  • EXPECT that members of your team will naturally STRUGGLE with overcoming their fears and anxieties about openly sharing their thoughts and experiences with you, THEIR LEADER!
  • These POWERFUL VOICES of team/organizational talent can often go unheard for years, denying your organization the chance to address or resolve important challenges or capitalize on unrealized opportunities.
  • You as the Team leader will need to not only appreciate these courageous voices that make bold moves throughout the journey, you will also need declare AND commit to maintaining this safe space environment continuously!
  • Violating “SAFE SPACE” has consequences!
  • We will share with you the risks and approaches for creating, maintaining and if necessary addressing potential mistakes with your Safe Space environment!

“Courage is feeling anxious and acting anyway”


As Coaches We HOLD SPACE for Your Growth + Development

  • When engaging with your team in a leadership journey you might be surprised at WHO INITIALLY and WHO ULTIMATELY shows up at the discussion table!
  • Your quiet leaders will find their voices, your outspoken leaders will reveal their blind spots and the unlocking of the emotional energy you will experience at times will amaze you!
  • As coaches and co-creative facilitators we are excited to embrace ALL of these dynamics with you. This is the real work of leadership development!
  • We will HOLD SPACE for you to grow in ways you did not think were possible!

“The Past is a Place of Reference, Not Residence”

-Albert Ellis

As Co-Creative Facilitators we will “BE IN YOUR SPACE”

  • We will challenge, encourage and “carefrontationally” share observations and insights with each participant on the journey!
  • Specifically-How your impact “Lands on Others” and what it’s like to be with you as Leaders!
  • For many executives this is a powerful experience they fully embrace and are genuinely thankful to have! For others, it will be a challenge you need to get increasingly comfortable with if you want to grow as a leader!

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dna connect | Experts in Space-TIAL Dynamics
dna connect | Experts in Space-TIAL Dynamics