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We design your leadership journey in the context of (3) DISRUPTIVE and ACCELERATING forces in the macro-environment of business today. Together we transform them into YOUR competitive advantages for GROWTH!

1. The Speed of Business—> Becoming Change-Ready Leaders

Expectations both internally and externally are higher and faster now!

So anticipating more, aligning quickly and acting sooner are increasing requirements for Leaders, Teams and Organizations!

We will work to build your capability, capacity and confidence in being Change-Ready Leaders.

You will come to see pivots and changes as entry points to seek + seize on a daily basis WITH skill and WITH LESS anxiety.

2. The Speed of Learning —> Becoming Consciously-Competent

READY OR NOT, you are also now competing in your marketplace at the speed of learning!

Your future success as a leader will be impacted by your ability to:

  • Adopt and Adapt to new technology
  • Evolve and Transform your business practices
  • Develop soft skills to inspire and grow talent

Leaders need to have the conscious competency to know what, how and why they are doing things—as well as the ability to clearly and consistently communicate it!

We deconstruct leadership concepts and tools in our learning journey with you so they are easy to understand quickly and easy to use!

Your leadership evolution in BOTH Consciousness and Competency will meaningfully increase the speed of learning for your team and organization!

3. The Talent Challenge —> Becoming  Consequential Leaders  

While your journey will focus on many elements of Leadership, NOTHING will influence and impact your future MORE than your ability to be a CONSEQUENTIAL leader when it comes to your TALENT!

You already know that you have individuals that have never been or are no longer qualified for their current roles.

You also have individuals who are NOT YET willing to be BOLD and COURAGEOUS in their leadership roles so they hold back team performance and block next generation talent from stepping up to bigger leadership opportunities.

This exists in every organization!

The question now is whether you and your Leadership team are ready to be Consequential Leaders by taking the positive as well as what you might “initially perceive to be negative” actions necessary regarding your talent bench.

We will coach you through playing your Consequential Leadership Role—by owning your accountability and doing the work ONLY YOU can do—in service of your organizational community! 

You don’t want to turn a blind eye here! WHY?

The reality is that your Team or Organization is potentially struggling or even suffering due to your current leadership tolerance for under performing Talent.

Everyone deserves to have great leadership!

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dna connect | Triple GROWTH Accelerators!
dna connect | Triple GROWTH Accelerators!