Relevant Considerations for Boards

Your Reality

Today’s macro-environmental issues are increasingly complicated and the consequences to business are increasingly significant on both the upside as well as the downside. So, the insights, guidance and performance of your Board of Directors is more important than ever. 

The double edge sword, however, is that while many executives seek a Seat @ the Coveted Board Table, very few have the soft skills or the big picture future focused capabilities to advance the company agenda forward in meaningful ways. And keep in mind, this is not about being successful or charming as an individual (which most Board members are). It is really about BEING an Informed INFLUENCER on the business issues that matter most!

The REALITY—most boards have too many members missing critical skill sets and this causes the interactivity in meetings to feel more like well-mannered obligatory quarterly events as compared to provocative experiences that advance innovations, growth and actionable insights for the future.

Our Street Cred

As a boutique coaching and facilitation firm, we specialize in LIFE CYCLE DYNAMICS and how creating Customized Leadership Learning Journeys can transform potential into performance at the individual, team and organizational level—-including your Board of Directors! WHY Boards? Because they too are an intact TEAM! And knowing, appreciating as well as fully understanding this can make the difference between high performance or merely high compliance!

We have worked with BOARDS on strategic planning and have been members as well as Chairs of multiple boards. Unfortunately, most experiences are dysfunctional and frustrating. And the reason? Just like most team experiences, without the proper SKILL BUILDING and Environmental CONDITIONS to ensure success, the high performance we are all looking for JUST DOES NOT MAGICALLY APPEAR. It takes enlightened leadership to build a high performing Board of Directors.

The Watch-Out

Many Executive Management Teams don’t want to potentially “insult their Board members” by suggesting some basic upfront team building initiatives, thinking instead that these wise-sages are playing at the top of their games already—they know all this let’s not waste their time! 

Unfortunately, these assumptions are often not true, not even close! In working with Senior Executives of large public companies as well as private/family-owned businesses one thing is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR! Leadership Skills are lacking everywhere! And those Board Chairs, Independent Directors and Management Teams that are enlightened understand and embrace this and attempt to seize every opportunity to put the fundamentals in place FIRST!

Every team, including your Board of Directors, requires grounding and traction before it can create value through momentum! Take the time to invest in your Leadership Learning FIRST! Sequencing Matters!

Conference Table

Our Approach

The building blocks of TRUST and Productive CONFLICT are critical to have in place @ the Table for your Board members to skillfully play their roles. The individual and COLLECTIVE EQ (soft behaviors) of members can be developed and strengthened! These are leadership skills that can be learned, practiced and mastered! 

The MAGIC is in setting up the conditions to assist your Board to develop as a team—this will not happen by bringing together senior executives from successful companies—this will need to be actively nurtured and facilitated.

We will PARTNER with you and your Board of Directors to Co-Create an experience to increase both performance and productivity through the use of a number of signature initiatives:

  • Custom Designing a Leadership Learning Journey for your BOARD
  • Giving you exposure to the Analytical Rigor ® Model so you have a common approach for processing issues and structuring your decision making
  • Investing time in Board Level Communication Skills and ensuring Healthy Relationships are in place, including clearing the air and starting a new stories where necessary
  • Introducing you to the Concept of Strategic Conversation Threads that are ON-Going roadmaps for the critical elements related to creating your future
  • Exploring the importance of developing an “Activist Mindset” and looking at what BCG has termed a “Compulsory dissenting opinion” (a Devil’s Advocate role with a twist)
  • Change from Rubber Stamping to RIGOR SETTING with your Board Level Expectations
  • Confirm and live into what Diversity, Equity + Inclusion (DEI) looks, sounds and feels like for your Board of Directors who must actively embrace as well as role model this!