Facilitation Services that are Provocative and Progressive!

What is a Facilitator?

Simply put, a facilitator helps a group of people work together better by creating an open and level playing field for discussion, addressing potential obstacles which may be visible or partially visible and ultimately securing alignment to objectives and direction. 

One of the attributes you might seek in bringing in a facilitator is that they are NEUTRAL in the process.

Here is our take on facilitation—We are NOT NEUTRAL On Purpose!

Now you might be immediately thinking that we are biased or only aligned with the individual/organization that hires us right?

Not true—not even close

How we approach Facilitation?

We are fervent believers in a Co-Creative Facilitation process so WE:

  • Create Safe Space environments where “there is nothing we cannot talk about”
  • Build TRUST in the process, including with us as facilitators and with each other–this is our highest priority!
  • Do our homework, meaning we connect individually with all participants to get an understanding of the dynamics at play
  • Are upfront about being “high impact facilitators” meaning we will ask the bold and courageous questions that are necessary to get the issues or “pink elephants” out on the table so we you can address them
  • Are equally challenging to all participants in a respectful and direct way—even the most senior people in the room!
  • Will bring our experiences, knowledge and insights to the table so you can hear them and consider them—-you are always at choice as to whether to use them—we have a POV so we are not neutral—our POV is informed by extensive business experiences, curated research and astute observations in doing this work for over 15 years at the Executive Leadership Level!

How is Facilitation different than Coaching?

In a group setting they may look similar at times!

Facilitation engagements, however, are often shorter term than what we typically would call a Leadership Journey where we are coaching the evolution of an intact team (often at the executive leadership level) over a period to time as they transition or transform their culture, talent bench, leadership skills, strategy and performance to new levels.

In Leadership Journeys we are coaching the growth potential of both the individuals and the team as an entity on multiple levels.  This is more of an intimate, longer-term relationship.

Where do Organizations or Boards need facilitation services?

We often find (3) Entry Points where Facilitation Needs Exist

Next Level Performance is being held back by Team Dynamics

In these situations, you may have smart and experienced players around the table that have interpersonal issues or opportunities for learning how to play their roles differently in the environment you are creating.

Here the opportunity is to clear the air productively, provide what we call “carefrontational” feedback, align on a new set of engagement practices and skill build in targeted gap areas where necessary.

A New Leader or Multiple New Players are Coming Together

The on-boarding and transition process for a team or organization can be a positive game changer or a prolonged experience that can be frustrating.

By taking the opportunity to facilitate an on-boarding session and chart a transition course together regarding how you want to stop, start or continue the behaviors and practices that were guiding the team under previous leadership you are likely to unleash a significant amount of energy and productivity.

Changes in Direction or Strategic Priorities are being considered

Here the opportunity is to ensure that the team understands how to structure and explore the strategic planning or high impact decision making process with tools and skills.  Our role could be to provide the educational background, process facilitation and assist in the productive debate that results from socializing the different ideas/possibilities that are often associated with high intensity initiatives and senior executives with passionate energy.

How to start the process with us on your Facilitation needs?

We suggest reaching out and engaging in an exploratory conversation to understand the challenges and opportunities you are facing.

We will ask a series of questions to help target where facilitation might make sense or make an alternative suggestion if appropriate.

Occasionally, we find that sequencing the facilitation services might require a precursor step to ensure readiness.  We can share with you our insights and advice so you can consider how best to proceed based on the context of your team/organization.