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Take your team’s performance to a HIGHER LEVEL of CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE & MOMENTUM

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Get ready to become the EFFECTIVE, CONFIDENT AND CHANGE-READY LEADER your business needs and you deserve!

You can FACILITATE BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE with a customized leadership development journey

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Everything you think you know about leadership is about to be turned upside down!

Leadership is a skilled profession requiring conscious discipline and practice. Whether you are leading yourself, leading teams or leading at the organizational level, leaders need to be able to apply their skills on the ground and in real time to make a meaningful impact! Erica Peitler will show you how!

The Journey of Leadership Rigor

A practice and philosophy designed to accelerate leadership performance and productivity, focused on creating “change-ready” leaders for today’s high-performance organizations and complex business environment.

Learn The Language of Leadership

Become fluent in the language of leadership and discover how and why communication and relationships are the most important skills in business and life as they are transferable across all industries, all sectors… Always!
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Build a Leadership Culture

Establish and build a leadership culture that includes a broad tool-box of skills, behaviors, models and structured frameworks to set you and your team/organization up for clear and aligned success!

Facilitate Breakthrough Performance

To facilitate your breakthrough performance as an executive team, we will create and take you on a customized leadership development journey that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the skills/behaviors to lead yourself, your teams and your organization
Love & relationship
Strengthen your emotional bond. Solid relationships are built on trust, emotional intimacy, love and respect.
Happy family
As relationships evolve, successful couples need to get into alignment and work as a team.
Plan your family
Confidence to understand who you are and as a result be able to move toward the life and marriage you desire.
Powerful mindset
When you have tools to create a new powerful mindset for yourself and your marriage you’ll see changes immediately.

Do you need help
to improve your marriage?

Talking about your marriage can be a sensitive subject. Words can be taken the wrong way and suddenly you have an argument on your hands. You hurt your marriage instead of helping it. It’s amazing how little things can be hurting it.

Do you need help to improve your marriage?

Talking about your marriage can be a sensitive subject. Words can be taken the wrong way and suddenly you have an argument on your hands. You hurt your marriage instead of helping it. It’s amazing how little things can be hurting it.

Meet Erica

Erica Peitler is a force to be reckoned with! She is an accomplished Leadership Performance Coach, dynamic speaker and high-impact facilitator who creates the conditions for change and growth with her clients so that they can take the transformational steps necessary to achieve their full potential as individual leaders, high-performing teams, and organizations operating at a level of excellence.

The DNA of Our Approach

Are you ready to transform Leadership Potential into Performance? Engage your team and organization in a Leadership Journey unlike any other.
We believe that the FUTURE belongs to those who have the courage and the capacity to IMAGINE it as well as the capability and composure to INFLUENCE others to work together and CREATE it. And while many may have the desire, very few have the conscious discipline to do the work, meaning, practicing the skills and the behaviors required to achieve the breakthroughs they seek.
Rigor it
A Fast Start is Not Always a Leadership Advantage
Leadership is less about a fast start and more about a strong and consistent showing over time of skills that are deliberately & consciously applied.
Rigor it
Create Your Own Authentic Style
As a leader, evaluate your employees based on their performance and productivity, not their work-style preferences.
Rigor it
Decisive Behavior Versus Decision-Making Behavior
Decisiveness is a behavior that demonstrates your ability to quickly select a choice from options and take action, while decision-making is a leadership skill.
Rigor it
The Playbook on You
Give your team your philosophies about leadership, business, and how you prefer to communicate and build relationships.

Our Services

We offer extraordinary leadership training and coaching for CEOs, Executives, Team Managers and Leaders of family-owned businesses, as well as workshops and offsites.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Performance Coaching is about helping leaders to be consciously competent, emotionally intelligent and extremely disciplined about how they show up, communicate, and build relationships.


Team Journey

To facilitate your breakthrough performance as an executive team so you can deliver on high expectations, we will create and take you on a customized leadership development journey unlike any other.


Workshops & Offsites

Executive learning is most impactful when it is highly engaging and interactive—in a word—experiential! And creating customized workshop experiences is what we are all about.

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    Erica’s energy, authenticity and unique ability to connect with people is as good as I’ve seen – she has the gift of seeing things others can’t, and the experience & intelligence to find solutions too hard to solve issues. When you’re building a team, Erica is a top “draft choice” to help make that team a winner.

    Timothy Hayes, President, North America
    Bayer Consumer Care


    I continue to be impressed with Erica’s exceptional leadership and endless energy. These qualities combined with her superior strategic thinking and impeccable professional ethics make her an outstanding professional equally suitable to be either a corporate executive or a leadership coach.

    Alex Kanybin, Partner
    Booz & Co.


    Erica is a “cut above” most of the executive facilitators/leadership development consultants I’ve worked with as she possesses: 1) substantive senior-level leadership experience, 2) excellent facilitative/consultative skills and 3) the skillful tenacity required to get teams to look into the mirror, address their opportunity areas and move forward as one team.

    Eric Miller, Vice-President – Sales
    Applegate Farms

    Working with Erica as a leadership coach through my career transition journey has been a tremendous and rewarding experience with incredible valuable in preparing for my new role.

    Brenda S Weaver
    Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

    She has had a profound impact on this team, which has spread throughout the organization.

    Jimmy Hanson, CEO
    The Hampshire Companies


    The experience of working with Erica has been truly transformational. After 10 months of coaching, Erica has helped me noticeably improve my corporate presence and overall communication skills.

    Scott Geary, Sales Professional