CONTEXT meets CONTENT On the Ground + In Real Time

Through Facilitated Discussions, You Will Connect the Content of the Program to the Meaningful Insights and Wisdom of your Company Context 


Anchor Your Company Values of “How We Do Things Around Here” into Discussions as you Explore the Material Together Making the Relevant Links!


The Impact is Your Talent Bench Development and Cultural Evolution are Accelerated as Conceptual Learning is Shared along with Practical Applications.

The Realities of What, How + WHY things Work or DO NOT YET Work in Your Organization will be Revealed!

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Rigornaut™ Train the Trainer Program for Emerging Leaders

We help you Co-Create and OWN the Entire Program Experience for your Organization! 

We help you Select Emerging Leaders for Advanced Facilitation Training—Your Rigornauts™ who will become more confident in Leading Leaders!


We will Train Your Internal Facilitators and Provide the Resources for Guiding Discussions that will Assist your Organization in REVEALING and RESOLVING your Challenges as well as Opportunities through New Skill Applications!

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Create Your Cultural Competitive Advantage with Leadership!

Put Your Leaders on the Pathway of Creating Organizational Excellence ® within Your Company as they Learn about the “Book of Work” Required to Scale and Sustain Your Future Growth! 

Gain an Understanding of HOW to Balance Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with your Newly Emerging Enterprise Leadership and Business Skills 

The Models and Frameworks in our Customized Leadership Learning Journeys have been Co-Created, Time Tested and Validated with Clients over 15 Years.

The DNA of Our Approach is Street Smart and People Smart! (see visual below).

We Connect the Dots with you and assist you in Creating your BIG PICTURE Roadmap for Today and Tomorrow using our unique methodologies

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Leadership is a DIFFERENTIATOR! It always has been and always will be! Your People Make the Difference in Your Success.


 You can INSPIRE their Learning and Growth by Inviting them to Develop the Skills Needed for Today’s VUCA World!


The Outcomes will be Breakthrough Performance and Productivity across your ENGAGED Culture as well as a MOTIVATED Talent Bench!