Elegant DESIGN Captures Attention + Drives Engagement

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Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy devices
Whiteboard Animation Brings the Learning to Life in Color
learning objectives | Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy - Design
Your Curriculum Roadmap
learning assessment | Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy - Design
Test Your Knowledge + Retention

Opportunities to Apply Learning
On the Ground + In Real Time

Micro-Learning Segments INSPIRE Commitment

Each Session is Comprised of Micro-Learning Segments with 1-3 Minutes of Content for Whenever You Have Time to Invest in Yourself!

Each Session Averages Between 10-25 minutes in Length (76 Sessions in the Program) 

Full Program length is 21 Hours and Each of the (3) Parts Contain 7 hours of Content Material

Learning Experience DESIGN includes BOTH Individual (Asynchronous) + Collaborative (Synchronous) Dynamics

Individual Time to Deep Dive, Explore and Absorb the Content Material

Community Sharing Forums Reveal New Insights and Perspectives

The Goal – Connect CONTENT to Your Company CONTEXT

The Result – Transform Skill Acquisition into Practical Skill Application