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Leadership Rigor™ Performance Coaching:
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Developing into our full potential as leaders takes at a minimum, desire and discipline! While some are born with inherent qualities that can form the basis of a strong leadership foundation to build upon based on their personality (we might refer to it as natural charisma or presence), most people are surprised to learn that strong leadership skills/capabilities can absolutely be learned, practiced and performed with a high level of competency when developed in a consciously competent way.

In fact, many fast starters with leadership potential fail to reach their goals because they do not consciously nurture and develop their leadership skills, instead falling into either complacency or in unfortunately extreme cases, narcissism which ultimately leads to a derailment that surprises them!

Leadership Performance coaching is all about helping leaders to be consciously competent, emotionally intelligent and extremely disciplined about how they show up, how they communicate and most importantly, how they build relationships.

From creating confidence through your executive leadership presence, to influencing others through the use of your personal power, to fluently speaking the language of leadership as you develop others around you…..leadership performance coaching can help you accelerate your personal growth, your professional performance, your career development as well as the development of those you interact, work and play with everyday!

Learn how The Progressive Mindset™ communication model and The Analytical Rigor™ model for decision making and issue processing can accelerate your performance and productivity as a leader.

The Progressive Mindset™

The Analytical Rigor™


Executive Mentor Coaching

For the CEO or Senior Executive Business Leader who wants one-to-one coaching with a senior business professional and trusted advisor who can bring relevant advice and perspective to the relationship based on similar experiences in industry, assignment or level within a corporate organization.

With provocative questions, a carefrontational disposition and a desire for breakthrough solutions, the coach will bring forward business advice and counsel to the conversation in service of accelerated learning, decision-making and performance.

The engagement involves an open and mutual sharing of experiences that is designed to bring alternative options and choices to the table for the executive to consider while dealing with real time business challenges.

Team Leadership Coaching

For the executive leadership team or departmental/functional team motivated to take their performance to a higher level or to gain traction and momentum in a new direction with a fresh start.

Whether just forming, already storming, beginning to norm or striving to out-perform the expectations set for them, team leadership coaching can provide the stimulus to further open up communication, get important issues on the table and invite direct, honest and engaging discussion on the sensitive topics which need to be addressed for high performance teamwork to be fully realized.


Coaching & Mentoring Circles

For the organization dedicated to building a team-based leadership culture, coaching and mentoring circles offer a unique approach for accelerating the skill development of first time or experienced leaders through a combination of structured learning from a coach/facilitator and informal learning through peer-to-peer sharing of mutual challenges and experiences.

Structured by levels of experiences and/or capabilities, these dynamic and interactive sessions provide an opportunity for efficiently investing in leadership development across the organization in a targeted way. Targeting the common skills/capabilities that can enhance organizational performance if more broadly applied across the enterprise, coaching/mentoring circles can provide a wide scope of impactful behavior change and leadership impact in a relatively short period of time.

An invaluable outcome of this experience is stronger relationships and enhanced communication across the organization where previously there may have been silos or lack of connectivity due to technical workload and limited exposure/time.

You will be actively developing the coaching capability in each of your participants!

Youth Leadership Coaching

For the young adult who is eager to explore, discover and establish what it means to be a leader of themselves and others.

A great growth opportunity for those interested in aspiring to future leadership roles or who are currently pursuing team, club or association leadership roles during their academic years and who want to establish an early and solid foundation for what the expectations are for leadership in today’s environment.

The aspiring leader will learn the basics on how they are hard-wired, how to look for and appreciate the differences in others as well as set the preliminary framework for their emerging leadership style, voice and presence.

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