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Leadership Rigor! By Erica Peitler

Leadership Rigor offers innovation in leadership through its breakthrough approaches for transforming the way you lead. The simple truth is that “how” you lead is the precursor to “what” you can achieve as a leader, yet it is often underestimated, dismissed, or not given a conscious consideration. 

Bersin by Deloitte published their Global Human Capital Trend Survey stating:
Building leadership capability is by far the most urgent need for companies today… and companies see the need for leadership at all levels, in all geographies, and across all functional areas. In addition, this continuous need for new and better leaders has accelerated.

Leadership Rigor views your development as a journey with a road map rather than a blackbox mystery! It is both a practice and a philosophy designed to accelerate your leadership performance and productivity across the life cycle of your career. Now becoming a movement, Leadership Rigor prepares you to lead yourself, teams, and organizations.

The essence of Leadership Rigor is creating “change-ready” leaders who can embrace challenges because they have the tools, models, and language to assess, structure, and facilitate aligned actions. They also have the mindset and emotional skills to lean into the change process despite its uncomfortable nature. By innovating on their preparedness first, these “change-ready” leaders are equipped to realize the growth in themselves and in their teams or organizations.

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The Fundamentals

Creating your leadership mindset

Creating your leadership practice

Creating your leadership voice 

The Signature Model

The Progressive Mindset™

The Tension to Resolve

Crossing the knowing-doing gap

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The Fundamentals

Building healthy team dynamics

Building the work together

Building alignment across the enterprise 

The Signature Model

Analytical Rigor™

The Tension to Resolve

Becoming a practitioner and a philosopher

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The Fundamentals

Shaping the leadership roles

Shaping the operational platform

Shaping your future landscape 

The Signature Model

Organizational Excellence™

The Tension to Resolve

Being an entrepreneurial or enterprise leader

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