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Erica Peitler launches a "Moonshot" with the Leadership Rigor Online Training Academy Focused on Organizational Culture Change.

Erica Peitler designed and developed the Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy, a cutting-edge online learning program, so executive leaders could customize their learning experience for their own unique culture and business context.

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Named Most Influential Business Person of the Year, 2023

Erica Peitler is a Change-Partner who works with Private Company and Family Business CEO/Executive Leadership Teams to design customized leadership learning journeys. Passionate about her unique business model and innovations in leadership, She is now launching the Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy to the marketplace which capitalizes on the science of learning while creating an immersive high impact experience with both high tech and high touch elements.

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Named A Top 10 Most Influential Leadership Consultant, June 2022

Erica Peitler is at the forefront of designing and facilitating customized leadership learning journeys that prepare leaders to respond to today’s dynamic business needs and inspire entire organizations to reach new levels of performance and productivity.

As the CEO and Managing Partner of her boutique leadership coaching and facilitation firm, Erica Peitler & AssociatesErica and her team focus on building collaborative communities within their client organizations, mainly private and family-owned businesses.

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Change-Ready Leadership is the New the Differentiator for Success

There’s a palpable new shift occurring in the mindset of cutting-edge business leaders today. In a world where rapidly changing dynamics is the new normal, and the unrelenting speed of technology is affecting everything that surrounds us, there is a clear realization of the fact that people’s skills and capabilities are not improving at the…

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How Leaders Achieve & Communicate Alignment

The ability to “execute with excellence” in any organization is dependent upon its leaders’ abilities to make good decisions and appropriately communicate these across their organization. Unfortunately, most leaders struggle with these skills. Consequently, their companies fail to have transparent, effective decision-making and communication processes. This leads to dysfunction and misunderstanding, instead of the clarity…

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Two Leadership Equations That Deliver Growth

Growth is something we must nurture and generate, not just passively wait for it to show up (though sometimes it does). We must make it happen, and be in a position to capitalize on it when our entry point comes. Are you a Dreamer or a Deliverer of Growth? Using the word “growth” in conversations…

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How 16 Ex-Military CEOs are Trouncing Wall Street

Click the image to read the full article. The language that Corporate America’s chieftains use to talk strategy often makes it sound like they’re discussing battle plans. Which is less surprising when you realize that some of the ones who perform best in the roles actually served in the U.S. military. In fact, an analysis…

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Equal Opportunity or Equal Recognition?

I find it remarkable that some people are still talking about the uniqueness of having a person of color or a woman in a position of leadership. It startles me when I hear someone refer to “our female partner” or parenthetically remarking, “he’s African-American” or “she’s Asian.” While I’m not blind to differences, these qualifiers…

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Leadership Success and Failure

Both are a function of SEQUENCING! Believe it or not, when it comes to leadership, the ability to appropriately sequence things really matters. Those who get the sequencing right, succeed. Those who get it wrong struggle and potentially fail. What’s the magic of this leadership sequencing? Your mindset, your skillset and then your toolset! We…

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Corporate Leadership Expert Comments on Who Got it Right

With an operational background in transforming leadership in corporate America, Erica Peitler offers analysis and insights on the leadership styles of various business leaders, as they respond to employee issues and workplace challenges. It’s “no-nonsense” when Erica Peitler addresses leadership issues. Her proprietary methods have helped many organizations and their leaders produce breakthrough results in…

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Becoming a Leader and Addressing Barriers: ISM Women & Leadership Conference Coverage Part 1

Spend Matters welcomes this guest event coverage from Barbara Ardell, vice president at Paladin Associates. ISM’s New Jersey Affiliate hit a home run last week with its seventh annual Women & Leadership Conference. The conference drew 100 women (and a handful of men) representing a range of industries, ages and experience. Although primarily a regional

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Wanted: Team Leaders who can be BOTH Practitioners and Philosophers

Are you, or someone you supervise, an aspiring leader currently in an individual contributor role looking to be promoted into Team Leader role? While it is a great goal and aspiration to have, and one that many people naturally strive for or are encouraged to pursue, it is not always clear with respect to what…

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Put on probation at work? What’s next?

No one wants to feel like she’s not doing her job well, so it can be disheartening to be put on a performance improvement plan at work. You may also fear for your job and wonder if it’s possible to redeem yourself. That’s what one reader asked recently on the Admin Pro Forum: “I was…