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Leadership on the Ground

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Season #1

Leadership is a skilled profession requiring conscious discipline and practice. Listen in to this 7 part podcast series as best selling author and leadership performance coach Erica Peitler explains how to get performance and productivity #OTG (On The Ground). Whether you are leading yourself, leading teams or leading at the organizational level, you will learn about the influences, the sequences and the consequences of Leadership On the Ground and how it can make an impact in your career!


Season #2: Leadership – In Real Time

After laying out terms and phrases which initially seemed out of place in the world of leadership like altitude and sequencing, Erica Peitler & Todd Schnick return in Season 2 of the “Leadership On the Ground Series” to now explore the importance of applying these concepts, tools and ideas on the ground—In real time!

Learning, recognizing and knowing are not enough in business today…..leaders need to be able to apply their skills on the ground and in real time to make a meaningful impact!


Season #3: The Rhythm of Leadership

In Seasons 1 and 2, we focused mainly on the individual and how to acquire fundamental skills and then apply them in real time, situation by situation. So, entry points, altitude, sequencing, calling out unproductive behaviors…all are critical building blocks to get us to build a strong foundation.

In Season 3, we take our learning to a more MACRO level. We now look at the concept of RHYTHM and how team leaders and organizational leaders can use their energy and rhythm to achieve performance and productivity.

Rhythm…if you look up the definition: is a strong, repeated movement or sound, a systematic arrangement. It is a pattern. Great leaders have rhythm in the way they lead.

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Season #4: The Tensions of Leadership

A tension is a gentle pull, a stretch that cause a strain, or an emotional trigger that can cause a positive or negative reaction. When you are in a leadership role, you are confronted with tensions constantly. It’s what do you at these critical moments that matters most.

In this series, we learn how to identify and acknowledge these tensions, how to appropriately respond to them with our next move, and how to skillfully navigate through them when leading yourself, leading teams, and leading at the organizational level.


Season #5: The Realities of Leadership

Throughout seasons one through four of the groundbreaking Leadership on the Ground series, you have learned about the FUNDAMENTAL skills required for leading yourself, leading teams, and leading at the organizational level. NOW we are ready explore a series of contemporary issues and discuss the pragmatic realities that leaders are challenged by day to day.

Leadership is a skilled profession. If you want to succeed in today’s world as a 21st Century change-ready leader, you will need to have conscious discipline and be ready to put into practice many of the elements that are presented here, in Season Five!

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Season #6: The Context of Leadership

In this season, we’re going to be talking about the Context of Leadership, which is all about answering the question of why. If we give both a framework and a grounding around the why of our visions, our actions, and our plans, we create the transparency, safe space, and alignment around how we can now move forward together as teams and organizations.

Simple to say, right? Yes, it’s more challenging to pull off because it requires your mindset, your skillset, and your tool set to apply. Getting it right and getting it wrong has consequences, and in this season, we’ll explore all of that.

clock and gears

Season #7: The Timing of Leadership

This season, we’re going to be talking about the Timing of Leadership, which is all about answering the question of ‘WHEN?’. Time is a precious, nonrenewable resource so learning how to use, leverage and turbo charge it, both in our life and in our career, can be a real game changer.

Listen in as we talk about how timing relates to working ON vs. IN your business and why context and timing are so relevant, RIGHT NOW.

Productivity is about getting the right things done, with the right people, in a timely way. Listen in NOW for the insights YOU need to be productive!