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Leadership Rigor™ Customized Team Journey:
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Fasten your seat belts! If you are committed to raising your level of play and being a Performance Driven Organization (appreciating that both results and behaviors are equally important to driving your success) you and your executive leadership team will need to be capable of inspiring performance, productivity, accelerating the growth of others and role modeling the leadership culture you are building. Most importantly, you must be able to do all of this, while living in a corporate fishbowl environment where all eyes are on both you and your team, always!

To facilitate your breakthrough performance as an executive team so you can deliver on these expectations, we will create and take you on a customized leadership development journey that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the skills/behaviors to lead yourself, your teams and your organization— we will also assist you in building/practicing these capabilities so you can apply them in real time situations and visibly put them on the ground for everyone to see and experience.

You will have access to the breakthrough tools, models and frameworks that will give you the language of leadership you need to build and lead an organization that is operating at a level of excellence.

This program requires a highly committed CEO/Executive who understands the challenge and competitive advantage of leading a high performance team and organization.

Leadership Team Alignment for Creating “Change-Ready” Leaders

For the organization executing a business turnaround, acquisition, merger or restructuring initiative, we can assist you and your leadership team in getting yourselves ready to be the effective, confident and inspiring voices of change. We will work with you to design a communication plan and facilitate alignment sessions to ensure that leadership roles, responsibilities and goals are clear and on track to meet your timing targets.

During times of significant change, communication preparation and delivery as well as clear expectations around roles and responsibilities can make a meaningful difference in how positively your organization perceives, understands and embraces the changes your are initiating.

Learn how to create “Change Ready” leaders in your organization who can utilize frameworks and models such as The Progressive Mindset™ model,  The Analytical Rigor™ model and Wizardship™ skill set to drive change and create competitive advantage.

Cross Functional Team Building—at the interfaces!

For the organization looking to focus on the importance of building relationships and increasing collaboration at the cross functional interfaces of work flow and processes, we can custom design a cross-functional team building experience that can accelerate interdependent working dynamics. The talents and gifts of each individual and team will be highlighted and brought forth in way so that mutual respect, understanding and appreciation is acknowledged and further developed.

Organizational productivity and performance will be enhanced as all of the players learn to use tools, models and a common language to address their challenges and issues on the business. Utilizing more direct/effective communication skills and building stronger relationships will be the tangible outcome.

New Leader On-Boarding and Integration

For the organization that wants to rapidly and effectively on-board a new leader for a team or department, we can custom design an introductory experience to ensure a grounded, productive and engaging start. Whether the mission of the leader is transformational change, rapid growth or high performance team building we can assist in setting the tone and agenda for quickly establishing or deepening relationships and healthy communication while helping to forward the next step action plans for team and leader’s success.

Team Kick-Off Sessions

For the team or department who is beginning a new initiative and wants an energizing and engaging kickoff meeting to start the process. We can assist you in creating an experience that will be focused, productive and leave you with an action agenda for taking your next steps to create traction and momentum as you move forward together.

Strategic Planning with Executive Leadership Teams

For the Executive Leadership team who wants thinking, reflection and integration time built into their strategic planning process along with professional facilitation so that all participating executives are fully focused and engaged. We will facilitate debate, challenge your assumptions and ensure that your process is appropriate to your needs.