CONTENT is Comprehensive, Progressive and Integrated

Advance through 3 LEVELS of Learning

  • Fundamentals provide a solid foundation for your learning
  • (3) Unique Signature Models provide enduring practical value
  • Resolve the Leadership Tension in each part to progress forward

Experience Interactive + Reflective Questions that Deepen Learning

  • Program content integrates Breakthrough Engagement Techniques
  • Opportunities to further reflect and internalize their learning
  • Opportunities to challenge and shape their evolving perspective

Business + Leadership Tools are INTEGRATED Together

  • BOTH Leadership Models and Business Models are included
  • The WATCH-OUTS as well as the BEST PRACTICES are highlighted
  • ARCHETYPE profiles explored—Learn who you are + LEVERAGE it

Elegant Structural DESIGN with Whiteboard Animation

VISUAL DESIGN Elements Capture Attention + Drive Engagement

Whiteboard Animation Brings the Learning to Life in Color!

Consistent Design CADENCE Accelerates Learning Process
learning objective | Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy

Your Curriculum Roadmap

learning assessment | Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy
Test your knowledge + Retention
leadership challenge | Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy
Apply your learning OTG/IRT

MICRO-LEARNING Segment Design Structure Creates Commitment

  • Each Part of the program is 7 Hours (25 Sessions)
  • Each Session is less than 30 minutes
  • Sessions are comprised of 1-3 minute segments

Learning Experience is Designed to include BOTH Individual (asynchronous) + Collaborative (synchronous) dynamics

  • Deep dive personal time to absorb, explore and be with content
  • Community sharing forums reveal new insights and perspectives
  • GOAL—Connect CONTENT to your unique company CONTEXT
  • This facilitates skill acquisition into practical skill application

PLATFORM is Clean, Easy and Playful!

Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy devices
Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy training ipads
  • Web-Based and Available On Demand at Your Fingertips!
  • Continuous Coaching Communication–Updates; Videos; Pictures; Polls
  • Access to ACADEMY Resources (books; podcasts; articles; video content)
  • Take Notes Directly in Platform and later print, review or share insights
  • Check your Rigorboard STANDING—Playful Competitive Rankings!
  • Interactive Social Network for Posting messages to Team Members

Create a Customized Academy Experience that’s right for You!

Academy Memberships are available at (3) Investment Levels—All Include

  • Subscription Services Based Model
  • Enterprise Participation Required
  • Flexible Structuring on Design and Duration

Program Services are available at Plus, Premium and Platinum Levels

  • Homepage Design Options
  • Social Pulsing to Inspire Community Engagement
  • Rigorboard Competition and Team Gaming Options
  • Webinars (Targeted Content and Q+A) with Program Coaches
  • Monthly and Quarterly Reporting Options
  • Train the Trainer Rigornaut ™ Program for Emerging Leaders

Enterprise Program Length can be Selected (12-36 months)

  • Choose a traditional 3-year program or accelerate it!
  • Upfront Readiness Programs Can Jumpstart your Launch
  • Retain a subscription to Academy post program completion

Your Unique CULTURAL CONTEXT is Actively Connected to Content

Enterprise Program Length can be Selected (12-36 months)

  • Connect Insights, Wisdom + YOUR Company Narrative
  • Culturally Anchor YOUR Values “How we do things here”
  • Create “Hand + Glove” dynamics–Our Content Integrated with Your Context Drives On The Ground (OTG) and In Real Time (IRT) Skill Application that Impacts Your Business!

RIGORNAUT™ Train the Trainer Program for Your Emerging Leaders

  • We help you Co-Create and OWN the Program Experience
  • Select Emerging Leaders for Advanced Facilitation Training
  • Give them Opportunities to LEAD LEADERS with our support

Make Your Company’s “Secret Sauce” a True Competitive Advantage

  • We help you Co-Create and OWN the Program Experience
  • Select Emerging Leaders for Advanced Facilitation Training
  • Give them Opportunities to LEAD LEADERS with our support


  • Develop A Community of Life-Time Learners with GROWTH MINDSETS!
  • Acquisition STEP #1 + Application STEP #2—We Structure BOTH!
  • Crossing the Knowing-Doing GAP and Taking Action is What Matters!
crossing | Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy

CERTIFICATION of Achievement Awards

  • Your Leadership Learning Development is Validated + Recognized!
  • Each Completed Part of the Program Offers a Certification of Achievement
    Awarded for completion of All Requirements associated with the design of your Customized Program including Social Engagement Requirements
certificates scaled | Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy
certificate completion

Social ENGAGEMENT + Community Building across your ENTERPRISE!

Collaborative PEER GROUP Learning Turbo Charges Experience!

Create Diversified TEAMS Across your Enterprise for Connectivity

  • Functional; Cross-Functional; Geographical
  • Divisional; Regional; Branch/Local Levels
  • Next Generation Leaders; Targeted initiatives

Make Your Company’s “Secret Sauce” a True Competitive Advantage

  • TEAM SPIRIT Challenges for Rigorboard POINTS
  • Coaching Webinars for Q+A Sessions
  • Private and Public Social Networking on Platform