The Leadership Rigor™ Coaching Experience

signature graphic green | The Team Building JourneyLeaders have historically thought of team building initiatives as a “nice touch” approach early in the tenure of a team’s formation to get to know each other or as a reason to get away from the office for a day of bonding.

Today’s enlightened leaders know that building a high performance team is not a “catch phrase” and that it requires skills and capabilities that go beyond traditional team building approaches. Yet much of what if offered in the learning marketplace today remains the tried and true team building workshops that give you a half-day or full day experience and then leave you on your own!

How about a new approach with lasting benefits?

Your context matters—your team dynamics, your company culture and your unique challenges need to be integrated into the team building process to make it relevant and meaningful.

We specialize in designing and facilitating customized team journey experiences. With a holistic systems-based approach we will create a journey that will integrate team building and leadership skills along with practical business applications.

It all starts with creating a safe-space environment and working with the premise that there is “nothing we cannot talk about.” So whether your team is new and you are looking for early commitment or tenured and you need to clear the air to move to the next level, this open and transparent environmental approach is an immediate “game changer.”

As the team leader, we will Co-Create this team journey experience with you so the context and content will ensure that the conversations go where they need to go. And we involve the team members upfront as well so their fingerprints are on the process so both individual and collective needs get served.

You will immediately start to build trust with each other on multiple levels through engaging questions and exercises as well as gain a healthy understanding of productive conflict and how to have it so you can reach alignment as a team. This is the real foundation that must be established and glossing over this is why most “team building initiatives” fall short. This takes an investment of time and energy! With rigorous facilitation along with team leader support this is where the first level of difference making comes in with a Team Journey.

Once you have a solid foundation in place, your ability to secure mutual expectations for each other becomes grounded and meaningful. Your commitment to each other grows stronger and your social courage to hold each other accountable to individual and collective performance (which in our approach is BOTH results and behaviors!) becomes intensified as you believe that this team experience is different—and it will be!

The leadership tool box of skills and capabilities we will integrate into your team journey will surprise you! As content curators as well as creators our unique language and models will turn your skeptics into fans and your curious learners into advocates. Beyond increasing your emotional intelligence, we will give you tools and techniques for inclusive decision-making, style diversity as well as ways to lead leaders as you engage cross-functionally at the organizational level!

Wherever you are as a team—we meet you there and create the path forward so you can accomplish your leadership, learning and team building goals!

New Team Dynamics

Are you the leader of a new team in structure, charter, membership? Or perhaps you are the new leader of an established team?

One of the most important decisions you can make in the early days of your new role is to take your team on a leadership learning journey!

Creating an in-tact team experience together that starts with a foundation of getting to know each other, building trust, clarifying expectations, using a common language and learning new tools/techniques for moving your agenda forward can turbo charge your collective energy and put you on an accelerated track for achieving high performance!

We can co-create a customized journey that offers the right combination of what your team needs at this time based on the players, the work and the context you are navigating through.

Next Level Team Development Dynamics

The bevel, the inflection point and the crest!

These are terms we use to describe the “circulinear” journey that is a part of the CHANGE process.

Has your team been together for a while? Are you wanting to ensure your members stay energized and engaged while continuing to grow in their technical as well as leadership skills?

Investing in a Team Leadership Journey can provide you with an entry point to turbo charge energy and learning to keep the skill building process going while also giving your relationships a chance to RESET or get deeper!

Getting to high performance takes work! We can help you diagnose what is working well and where you may have some struggles getting to the next level! We will then co-create a team leadership journey to address your challenges and opportunities with proven tools and techniques.

Whether a jump-start mini-journey or a structured journey with mid-term/longer term goals, lets explore how we can accelerate your Team’s performance and productivity!

Peer Group Coaching and Mentoring CIRCLES

We create experiential learning environments!

One of our dynamic services is creating Conversation CIRCLES!

Professionally facilitated with a leadership coach and POWERED by the insights and expertise of a PEER GROUP of like-minded individuals MAGIC happens!

Our internal and external networks can sometimes fall short in terms of providing the broader and deeper learning experiences we crave. We can often wonder as aspiring or high potential leaders what other companies are in doing in terms of leading practices? Curious to know how other companies have already handled some of the challenges we are currently facing so we can accelerate our learning!

Instead of you doing one off conversations to canvass insights we structure a CIRCLE of leaders who are interested in common areas of exploration. In a combination of structured as well as informal approaches we SURROUND the issues you are interested in with conversation, articles and videos that provoke a wide net of considerations on topics of interest. We may even bring in a guest speaker with targeted expertise for one of our gatherings.

The most exciting part is that the experience is co-created with the participants taking turns in leading the group conversation! So you gain valuable insights while also progressing your leadership skills in leading leaders!

We have structured Coaching and Mentoring Circles in a variety of settings with different goals including:

  • Internal company peer group development for Managers and Directors

  • External groups of leaders who are developing their career trajectory and options for growth

  • External leaders in General and Specialty areas (CEOs; CFOs; Technical and Scientific experts; Academia)

Coaching CIRCLES tend to be internally developed within organizations and Mentoring CIRCLES tend be developed externally with participants from various organizations or associations.

If you have interest in exploring the development of a coaching or mentoring circle, reach out to us and we can discuss the development process!