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What CEOs Are Saying

What CEOs Are Saying

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“Employees don’t want to be employees, they don’t want to work for managers and they don’t want to work for executives. They want to be human beings who work for other human beings. And I think authenticity and the importance of being human, understanding the things they’re dealing with as humans, and building that into how you approach them in your day-to-day work with them, is so important.”

—Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco


“You need to communicate like crazy, be transparent about everything you’re doing all the time. You can’t communicate enough in this environment. Keep communicating and finding ways, digitally or otherwise, to keep people connected to your purpose. People need to know why they work for your company and if they don’t, they’re not going to work for you very long.”

—Chris Nassetta, CEO, Hilton


“In the future, successful companies will do three things with respect to talent. They will be able to access talent. They will be talent creators, not just consumers, unlocking the potential of talent. And they will use technology to complement talent and make employees net better off… Those three things are what great companies have to do in the next decade to be a great place to work.”

—Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture


“One thing that we’re not experimenting with is the importance of training and development. If anything, we’ve accelerated our focus on officer development and advanced leadership programs. I spend a lot of time taking groups out and mentoring them myself over a two or three-day period… We have to double down on training and officer development and making sure there’s a clear career path for individuals as they go forward.”

—Brian Cornell, CEO, Target


“The future of work at Google is flexibility. The majority of our employees still want to be on campus some of the time yet many would also enjoy the flexibility of working from home a couple days a week….spending time in another city for part of the year, or even moving there permanently. Google’s future workplace will have room for all of these possibilities. We’re moving to a hybrid work week with most Googlers in the office approximately 3 days a week.”

—Sundar Pichai, CEO, GOOGLE


“I do think for a business like ours which is an innovative, collaborative apprenticeship culture, this is not ideal for us and remote work is not a new normal”

—David Solomon, CEO, Goldman Sachs


“We want people back to work, and my view is that sometime in September, October it will look just like it did before,” Dimon told The Wall Street Journal CEO Council. “And everyone is going to be happy with it, and yes, the commute, you know people don’t like commuting, but so what.”

—Jamie Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan