Workshops that integrate Purpose, Learning and Play!

We believe that there are (2) Critical Ingredients for powerful Workshops:




We also believe that this is TRUE for your day-to-day MEETINGS and any other interactive business gathering!

The Pandemic Strikes and Forces a Virtual Reality

When we all experienced the sudden impact of COVID on the work environment, our team was immediately ready to convert all of our workshops, Organizational Leadership Journeys and Coaching engagements into Virtual Sessions!

We designed a simple, straightforward process structure and brought our signature content and facilitation skills to the table with a few new twists.

The RESULT Was Not a Surprise to Us! 

wokshop results | WorkshopsMany of our clients, initially skeptical of virtual sessions, ended up being genuinely surprised (and appreciative) of the fact that our full day and half day sessions had the impact, quality and intimacy that they had experienced in our F2F live sessions along with the time saving convenience that cross-country travel never allowed us to have!

Do we all still want to be face to face—-Yes we do! 

Though we may see more multi-day sessions in the future complemented with intermittent Virtual sessions more of the time now

Virtual and HYBRID Workshops—What you need to know!

virtual | WorkshopsYou might have a personal bias regarding F2F meetings and workshops—many people do! And yet, our coaching as well as facilitation practices continue to confirm that IF the (2) Critical Ingredients are present (Great Content and Great Facilitation)—A Positive and IMPACTFUL Experience is Created regardless of location and physical proximity!

We are all about being Change-Ready leaders, so whether it’s required because of your changing workforce dynamics, the limitations of a challenging environment out of your control or smart investment decisions—it’s time to give a virtual or hybrid workshop a chance!

And, if you choose to work with us we know we can make it an experience that will leave you more pleasantly surprised than you might have originally thought was possible!

Your Office is The New Conference Center

virtual hybid | WorkshopsWe believe in creating “MAGICAL EXPERIENCES” in great locations with our Workshops and Learning Journeys.  Being away from the office has historically been an indulgence for executives and teams—especially when it comes to immersing in learning where you want to have minimal distractions from the day-to-day work demands.

We still believe in this……and encourage our partners to explore OUTSIDE environments where SAFETY first approaches can secure the participation of their entire community regardless of various risk tolerances or personal health preferences and needs.

We also know that many companies are CRAVING an opportunity to be back in their offices and create the community experiences they believe they have lost.

At this time, we are open to conducting ON-Sites at your offices with your team gathered together and our team participating virtually if outdoor arrangements are not yet possible due to weather restrictions. 

This will continue to be re-evaluated on our end as the environmental conditions change.

Your Team becomes better Coaches + Facilitators

work with us rotated | WorkshopsWe believe that part of our opportunity in partnering with you is giving you the “tricks of the trade” as it relates to becoming better coaches and facilitators within your organization.

We will meet you where you are, be open and transparent in our co-creative approach with you on content as well as process facilitation.  We want you to feel comfortable enough to cascade your learning down and across your organization!

As you get better at coaching and facilitating internally, your business outcomes as well as team dynamics get better! We are here to help you be better!

When one of us shines, all of us shine. That is the meaning of ensemble.” 
– Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) in “Schitt’s Creek”