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Leadership is a skilled profession requiring conscious discipline and practice. Whether you are leading yourself, leading teams or leading at the organizational level, leaders need to be able to apply their skills on the ground and in real time to make a meaningful impact!

Erica Peitler will show you how!

The Journey of Leadership Rigor

A practice and philosophy designed to accelerate leadership performance and productivity, focused on creating “change-ready” leaders for today’s high-performance organizations and complex business environment.

Build a Leadership Culture

Establish and build a leadership culture that includes a broad tool-box of skills, behaviors, models and structured frameworks to set you and your team/organization up for clear and aligned success!

Learn The Language of Leadership

Become fluent in the language of leadership and discover how and why communication and relationships are the most important skills in business and life as they are transferable across all industries, all sectors… Always!

Facilitate Breakthrough Performance

To facilitate your breakthrough performance as an executive team, we will create and take you on a customized leadership development journey that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the skills/behaviors to lead yourself, your teams and your organization

Meet Erica

An accomplished Leadership Performance Coach and Facilitator, Erica is passionate about designing customized leadership learning journeys with her clients. Her diverse experiences in operational, strategic and board level roles in both large enterprises as well as private/family businesses give her a unique perspective on the life cycle dynamics of organizational change. She partners with organizational leaders in co-creating transformational experiences to accelerate the realization of their business and talent potential.

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Named A Top 10 Most Influential Leadership Consultant, June 2022

Erica Peitler is at the forefront of designing and facilitating customized leadership learning journeys that prepare leaders to respond to today’s dynamic business needs and inspire entire organizations to reach new levels of performance and productivity.

As the CEO and Managing Partner of her boutique leadership coaching and facilitation firm, Erica Peitler & Associates, Erica and her team focus on building collaborative communities within their client organizations, mainly private and family-owned businesses.

The DNA of Our Approach

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

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