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The Coaching Experience


Where do you go for the Insightful Advice you need?

Colleagues, friends, and business peers are all good resources for “bouncing around” your ideas and concerns assuming you can be transparent and vulnerable.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds or even possible especially if you lead a family or privately owned company. 

The truth is that you will often get more of what you want to hear and less objective challenging of what you need to hear regarding the risks and reality of your thinking. And here’s a watch out: you might just get the best these resources have to give based on their own limited experiences or skills which may simply not be enough for you right now.

trusted advisor | The Leadership Rigor™ Coaching Experience​

Ready to Engage in a Meaningful Dialogue on Growth?

Invest 30 minutes in a coaching conversation with us and learn about our unique approach for partnering with C-suite executives and business owners. 

We have served at the highest executive levels in some of the most competitive companies running operating divisions, R+D organizations, and board-level strategic initiatives. We have also coached CEOs of public and private companies and, most importantly, we have been coached throughout our own careers.

What makes us different from other leadership coaches is simple—our approach starts with our passion for being street smart and people smart. Our ability to quickly understand you and your unique organizational CONTEXT allows us to engage productively with you from the first conversation in our relationship.

We are purposefully “looking for people who are looking for us” and we know what a Magical Match looks like, sounds like and feels like.  Which is why we become trusted advisors to our clients and enjoy long term mutually beneficial relationships.  It’s also why we are proud to be a boutique firm.  For us, we go long and deep with a handful of clients only—on purpose and by design.

On top of this, we bring leading-edge coaching tools and techniques along with the business acumen and social courage that comes from having a seat at the table and making a difference.

Our Approach is a Co-Creative Partnership with You!

We are not consultants who only give you answers, nor are we coaches who only offer questions. We are co-creative coaching partners.   

Our focus is on advancing and supporting your transformational change readiness through insightful coaching conversations. And just to be clear, we are not neutral in the process. We will have a point of view that we’ll share with you, and we’ll provocatively invite you to look outside and around your current business experiences and consider making new and different choices as you navigate your way forward.

With our C-suite clients, we use our proprietary Organizational Excellence™ model as a coaching conversation roadmap. We will explore with you where your priority challenges and opportunities lie and talk through potential frameworks and approaches that allow you to create the start of an action plan you can further work through with your executive leadership team.

While our relationships often start with coaching engagements at the CEO  level, our expertise is in creating customized leadership learning journeys for teams and organizations. The cascading power of change through learning increases exponentially as we expand from the C-suite to the executive leadership as well as to the various leadership teams across your enterprise.

We go well beyond team building—We build collaborative communities of change-ready leaders!

organizational excellence model

Is your Career at a point of Change, Challenge or Opportunity? 

If the answer is yes, leadership coaching can help you skillfully navigate the playing field and position yourself toward achieving your goals. 

The leadership skills required across the spectrum of your career advance and escalate as you progress in your various roles.  These skills can be learned, practiced and applied with a high level of competency if you are willing to do the work! Leadership takes time to develop.

Why you might want to Choose us as your Coaching Partner? 

We are coaches who believe in accelerating this process with agile leadership practices. Our unique lifecycle approach, which integrates leadership learning as well as leading edge business approaches, has you looking through multiple lenses simultaneously so you build comfort and perspective in leading yourself, leading teams and leading at the organizational level. You are being challenged to work at the speed of business today which is fast! We can expose you to tools that will provide you with on the ground (OTG) and in real time (IRT) options to Lead at the speed of business. 

So whether you are in a new role, have your eye on the next role, or are working through specific issues that require soft-skill finesse along with business insights, we can partner with you on this critical next leg of your journey.


Looking for a roadmap to navigate your growth path?

Living the dream? Sure, that’s an exciting goal, yet what about realizing your potential and living your destiny? That’s perhaps the ultimate aspiration if you are willing to do the work! Are you ready to seriously explore this question? 

We can partner with you to uncover and discover what your future as a leader can look like, sound like, and feel like. Our tools and approaches can help you structure your learning plan and growth trajectory so you minimize “chance” and maximize “choice” as you navigate your future opportunities.

Whether you want to lead a team, an organization, or just master leading yourself at the highest level of performance and productivity, we can co-create the action agenda you need to get what you want and where you want to be.

Underestimating what’s at stake and support you can receive

As a next-gen leader, your organization wants you to develop and grow—-as quickly as possible, whether they overtly express this to you or not! Leadership coaching can accelerate your growth trajectory! It can also add value to both you as well as your organization now and in the future. Leadership skills take time to develop.  Establish yourself as an emerging high potential talent for the future and ask your organization to consider supporting your growth with an external coaching engagement.  It could be a game-changer for everyone!