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The Team Building Journey

Team Building Yesterday and Today

Leaders have historically thought of team-building initiatives as a “nice touch” early in the tenure of a team’s formation to get to know each other better or as a reason to get away from the office for a day of bonding with a small piece of learning included on the event’s agenda.

Today’s enlightened leaders know that building high-performance teams is not a catch phrase, a nice to have or even an easy process. They know that it requires skills and capabilities that go beyond traditional team-building approaches. Yet much of what is offered in the learning marketplace today remains the tried-and-true team-building workshops that offer a half or full-day experience and then leave you on your own to figure the rest out.

We Create Unique Customized Experiences

The Leadership Rigor Team Building Journey is a breakthrough approach with immediate impact and lasting benefits. We design and facilitate customized team journey experiences with a holistic systems-based approach that integrates team building and leadership skills along with practical business applications.

With our unique approach it all starts with creating a safe-space environment and working with the premise that there is “nothing we cannot talk about.” Whether your team is new and you are looking for early commitment or tenured and you need to clear the air to move to the next level, this open and transparent environmental approach is a powerful game changer.

Our Approach is Partnership-Based and Co-Creative

We will co-create this team journey experience together with you so that we both can ensure that the context and the content of the conversations go where they need to go. We involve your team members upfront so their fingerprints are clearly on the process as well. This ensures that  individual and collective needs are served in the process.

You will immediately start to build trust with each other on multiple levels through engaging questions and interactive exercises while gaining a healthy understanding of what productive conflict is/is not and how to have it so you can reach alignment as a team. This is the foundation that must be established. Glossing over it is why most team-building initiatives fall short. 

Once you have a solid foundation in place, your ability to secure mutual expectations with each other becomes grounded and meaningful. Your commitment to each other grows stronger, and your courage to hold each other accountable to individual and collective performance becomes intensified as you realize this team experience is different.

Wherever you are, we meet you there and create the path forward so you can accomplish your leadership learning and  team-building goals to support your business needs. 

Our Journey Design Expertise is the underpinning of how we create breakthrough experiences with you! Our clients have achieved changes in their team dynamics that are extraordinary!

You bring a bold and courageous Team Leader and we will create the MAGIC of breakthroughs together!

Sample Areas of Focus can include:


Designed for leaders of new teams or new leaders of established teams striving to create an intact learning journey experience with their colleagues that turbo charges collective energy and accelerates high performance.


 Designed for teams that have been together for a while and that need to stay energized and engaged while continuing to grow in their technical and leadership skills.  This may also include an investment of time in “clearing the air” so a fresh start or “new story” can be initiated.

| The Team Building Journey
Team leader toolbox

Designed for highly motivated professionals seeking to learn about best practices in business and leadership. These are professionally facilitated yet powered by the insights and expertise of like-minded individuals. 

Instead of one-off conversations to canvas insights, these experiential learning environments unite a circle of leaders who are interested in common areas of exploration. In a combination of structured as well as informal approaches, we surround the issues you are interested in with conversation, articles, and videos that provoke a wide net of provocative considerations on topics of interest. At times we bring in guest speakers with targeted expertise.

At its core, the experience is co-created, with participants taking turns leading the group conversations so that you gain valuable insights while also progressing your leadership skills in leading leaders. 

Peer Group Make-Up Might include:

  • Internal company peer group development for managers and directors
  • External groups of leaders who are developing their career trajectory and options for growth
  • External leaders in general and specialty areas (CEOs, CFOs, technical and scientific experts, academia)