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Welcome to the Executive Performance Center

Our Leadership Learning + Partnership Site provides CEOs and their Executive Leadership Teams with valuable insights and resources.

Taking a moment to reflect with fresh eyes on your performance, in your current executive leadership role, can provide you with a new perspective on what is working well, where there are struggles as well as where your biggest opportunities exist at this time.

In each of the assessments below you are asked to consider how well you are currently working “ON THE BUSINESS” as compared to working “IN THE BUSINESS.”

Let’s face it, your Executive Leadership role may be exciting, though it’s not always easy given the complexities of the business as well as the people dynamics you are engaged with.

Let’s look at how things are going in your current role!

Select the Assessment below that best reflects the role you are currently playing on the Executive Leadership Team.

There are (8) Assessments to select from including an assessment of your Board Directors which can be taken by the CEO or used as a group assessment by the entire Executive Leadership Team.

In each assessment, there are 25 statements. You are asked to select a response that best fits whether you agree or disagree with the statement based on your current Organizational Culture, Context, and Lifecycle stage of development.

While several of the questions are the same in all the assessments, each survey has unique questions relative to the specific role identified.  It is also important to note that the LENS we are looking through in each assessment is the “enterprise lens” and not purely a functional lens.

The assessment will take less than 5 minutes—so move through it quickly without overthinking your answers and be brutally honest with yourself!

There Are 3 Outcomes For Each Assessment

1. You are Highly Performing in your current role
2. You are Moderately Performing in your current role
3. You are Under Performing in your current role 

Once you have completed the assessment you will “immediately” receive an email with your results as well as an invitation to review your results in a complimentary session with Erica Peitler.

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C Suite Assessments full e1695057156217 | Executive Performance Assessment Center

Here is a BONUS OPPORTUNITY for you and your team to consider

If (3) members of your Executive Leadership Team complete an Executive Assessment, we can schedule a group discussion for 60 minutes to debrief collectively.

Please note: Up to (5) members can participate in the group call

Get Ready to RIGOR IT!

What Having “A SEAT @ THE TABLE ” Requires

It is a privilege to have seat at the Executive Team table of your organization.

The question is do you and your colleagues truly understand your roles and are you able to play them at the appropriate level to drive Organizational Performance and Productivity both today and into the future?

The assessments we have created provide insights into the priority areas of consideration and discussion that Executive Leadership Teams must engage in.  Depending on the lifecycle stage of your organization you may be ahead, on track or behind in several of these areas.  The key take-away is getting into action on those areas where you are NOT YET functioning at the highest level.

For the last 15 years we have worked with Private Companies and Family Businesses on creating Customized Leadership Learning Journeys.  We assess, diagnose the lifecycle stage challenges and opportunities, and then CO-CREATE together with the CEO/Executive Leadership Team the action plan to progress their organization forward.

These experiences are often life-changing for the Owners, Executive Team as well as the community of colleagues across the organization.

Our approach is to build both business and leadership skills that equip organizations to have a culture of Change-Ready Leaders who can facilitate progress and align action across the enterprise.

Once you complete your assessment, we can explore your interests further in this Signature Service that has become the foundation of our Boutique Leadership Development Firm.

Balancing Entrepreneurial + Enterprise GROWTH Practices

In our work with CEOs and their Executive Leadership teams, we focus primarily on creating a balance of growth practices that allows for accelerated progress forward while minimizing the GROWING PAINS that often accompany them.  

Private Companies and Family Businesses are often resistant to change for fear of losing their “special sauce culture,” offending their loyal employees or not even realizing how important the changes they need to implement are—they have blindspots!

Our approach INVITES a trusting, transparent and engaging process where everyone is on the journey together.  This allows us to explore the fears, concerns, aspirations, and expectations for the future in an open dialogue—we believe in our journeys that there is “nothing we cannot talk about.”

We will provide you with language, tools and techniques to not only comfortably talk about your issues, they will also facilitate your ability to create solutions together!

If your company is expanding beyond its entrepreneurial roots, stretching to grow in today’s more complex world with talent and processes that need to be transformed….WE might be the Change-Partner you have been looking for!

About Erica

Erica works with CEOs and Executive Leadership Teams in Private/Family Businesses as a Change-Partner.  Over the last 15 years, Erica has designed and facilitated Customized Leadership Learning Journeys where she works collaboratively with her CEO partners to Co-Create immersive experiences in their organizations that advance the skills and capabilities of their current and future leaders.

With an both an Operational and Strategic Leadership Background, Erica has run an R+D Organization for a $2B Healthcare Company, been the General Manager for a $400M Pharmaceutical Division as well as a $100M Consumer Care Division in addition to leading multiple M&A and Strategic Board Level initiatives in Corporate America.

For the last 15 years, Erica has built a successful Leadership Development Firm that has “finally cracked the code” on why training does not work! Serving for 7 years as Vistage Chair and working with hundreds of Private/Family company executives, she blends her corporate experience with entrepreneurial instincts to deliver breakthrough performance and productivity with her client partners! She has also served on multiple Boards.

Erica’s passion in leadership is to accelerate the development of Change-Ready Leaders who can align action and facilitate progress in Organizations while confidently navigating the challenges of our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) business world. Her Organizational Excellence® model is a widely used roadmap for CEOs looking to create an Action Agenda for successful growth.

Learn More About The Academy

The Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy, launched in April 2023, provides Organizational Leaders with a breakthrough learning experience that is personalized and socialized across their enterprise.

Designed with leading edge technology, engagement practices and content delivery the Leadership Rigor Virtual Academy energizes your organizational community with Peer-To-Peer learning experiences, Mentoring exposure, Coaching opportunities as well as comprehensive resources that create an EXPERIENCE that will educate as well as entertain your leaders as they raise their SKILL level to deliver increased Performance + Productivity.

You might not want to wait too long before you learn more about this breakthrough program…the early results are quite honestly, breathtaking!