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Part 1: Getting Started

Your Success is LINKED to Succession Planning

Actively Engaged or just Talking About It?

SUCCESS + ACTION — the Operative Words!

Family Business Generational Succession





Part 2: A Closer Look

SEQUENCING for Positive Outcomes

The Organizational Excellence® Model

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Your Leadership LEGACY — Future Talent Bench

LINKS — Career Planning + Succession Planning

What Future Skills sustain your Advantage?

Watch Out: Don’t Confuse “Have” with “Need.”






Identifying HIGH-FLYERS + Accelerating Altitude

Transition from High-Flyer to High-Potential Talent

Breakthrough Leadership Training + Development

High Potential Individual Investment

High-Potential COHORT or Peer Group Investment

Enterprise Investment for High-Potential Leaders

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Succession Planning is only a “PIECE”

Identifying Critical Roles and Roadmap Design

What if your Succession Plan needs Acceleration?

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Part 1:


WHY Your Business Success is LINKED to Succession Planning
Every business must navigate through evolving lifecycles. The external competitive marketplace, your internal level of operational excellence, and the readiness of your talent bench to lead at their highest potential all change over time.
Succession planning aligns your company strategy “on where to compete and win in the marketplace” with your TALENT Bench readiness to execute your strategy TODAY as well as in the FUTURE!

Smart leaders proactively plan for evolving lifecycle dynamics as their organization continues to GROW + THRIVE.

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Less prepared leaders can face GROWING PAINS and disruptive risks to their business that threaten their organization’s ability to SURVIVE + DRIVE forward. 

At the crossroads of these two different outcomes is SUCCESSION Planning!

Are You Actively Engaged In Succession Planning or Just Talking About It?
It’s important to realize that the “planning” will not just magically happen or unfold smoothly because you “talk about it as being important”. Yet your Succession will 2 happen whether you are ready for it or not!
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Succession planning is not an annual one-day event where it is discussed informally and then forgotten about until the following year. Succession planning includes a thoughtful, deliberate, ongoing series of conversations, coupled with a structured design process, that results in a transparent action plan for developing your Talent Bench.

Your Family or Private Business action plans need to include a variety of learning experiences that are consciously created to stretch, grow, and prepare your talent bench for successfully leading your organization into the future.

Succession planning is only a “PIECE” of your overall Leadership Development efforts. The skills and behaviors that are required for next level leadership roles take time to develop. And most of these skills and behaviors are not just required at the individual level—they are required across your teams and the entire enterprise—they are CULTURAL Skills.

Without these cultural skills in place, it may not matter who is at the leadership level of your organization—your enterprise may not be able to realize its full potential.

We can help you understand BOTH the sequencing and staging of your Leadership Development and your Succession Planning process.

Success and Action are the Operative Words Here!

DECONSTRUCTING Succession Planning at a 30,000-foot level, reveals that it is a series of “carefrontational” conversations that frame your future vision of SUCCESS along with the reality of where your talent bench skills and capabilities are relative to being able to deliver success over various time frames. These time frames will include “ready now” as well as ranges of 1-2 years, 3-5 years and 5+ years.
The outcome of your Succession Planning is an explicit ACTION plan that will set up your TALENT development process to MATCH THE TIMING of your business needs.

The succession planning process is often a KICK-OFF for Organizational Leadership Teams to fully own the Talent Bench Readiness Process. This is where the real work happens in high performing organizations. 

Family Business Generational Succession – A Transparent  Enterprise Initiative

In a private company or family business one of the most significant challenges is appropriately TRANSITIONING from one generation to the next.

Having a transparent process that your ENTIRE ORGANIZATION is involved with is your best chance for adoption and success with your Next Generation Leaders.
In our partnership work with clients, we design customized learning journeys for the family members 5 of both the outgoing and incoming generations.
Erica Peitler 2024 01 21 at | Succession Planning
Erica Peitler 2024 01 21 at | Succession Planning

Building trust, learning how to challenge each other with productive conflict, getting committed to common goals, holding each other accountable and delivering results as a “generational team” are fundamental parts of the journey.

In addition to leadership skills, family relationships as well as varying levels of experience can affect the readiness to assume more responsibility.

Our approach ensures all relevant topics are discussed in 6 a safe space, open environment where there is “nothing we cannot talk about” so the process is game changing.

In addition to the “in the room” discussions, we structure connections and interactions that allow the next generation family members to experiment with learning in different forums without their parents or relatives present to unduly influence or bias the conversations. This accelerates confidence building, deepens trust in the process, and gets the next generation ready to lead as a community.

The co-creative design and delivery makes this a powerful process for progress!