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It is difficult to properly capture the significance of Erica’s impact on our business – over these past eight years, she has been one of the most influential individuals in my life, pushing me to grow both personally and professionally. At a critical stage in our business lifecycle, she helped me find my voice and learn how to be a leader of leaders. Her coaching and skill-building efforts have enabled us to thrive while navigating complex evolutions across our organization. Erica’s blend of leadership concepts and language alongside an energetic, passionate style has transformed the way we think, engage and serve our teams. 

Justin Golden
President, Stephen Gould

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I would highly recommend Erica for executive coaching. She has created a custom and tailored approach which has both guided my own self-discovery and offered tangible new leadership techniques. She is a great sounding board, sees what others can’t and asks thought-provoking questions that have expanded my own perspectives on leadership. Coaching is more than a career for Erica, it’s a calling! 

Amy Shah
Vice Presidient, Johnson & Johnson

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As a leadership coach, Erica Peitler has facilitated over the past 8 years our company’s professional growth and development that has been transformative. We’ve evolved through her style and content into a global organization that is more collaborative, productive and better prepared to compete in the marketplace. Her engagement in all levels of our management teams have been critical in achieving our desired behavioral goals.

Erica’s career experience together with her styled approach to leadership coaching, provides each client with valuable insights to further develop themselves and their teams. Our nearly 90 year old firm, in it’s 3rd generation recognizes the importance of Erica’s contribution to our success. We consider ourselves fortunate to have this continuing professional association with her.

Michael Golden
CEO, Stephen Gould

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“When I transitioned into my first general manager role, I was fortunate to connect with Erica. As my executive coach, she provided valuable advice regarding the right altitude for a GM role. Simple frameworks, like “Strategy, Results, Talent and Culture”, helped me structure how I spent my time and how I communicated with my new team. In my second GM role, I was responsible for a large, diverse group of support functions. Her advice and hands-on team building exercises helped me transition my new leadership team from being disconnected leaders of functional experts to being one high-performance team focused on providing enterprising-wide support services. Erica’s counsel, as well as the useful frameworks and tools she provided me, made me a more confident and effective leader.

Ann C. Miller, MD
Current Board member at Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Allena Pharmaceuticals, and Puma Biotechnology
Former Biopharma executive at Sanofi, Eisai, Amgen and Merck

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“I was at a point in my career where I hit a leadership plateau and was in need of a refreshed perspective.   Along comes Erica Peitler and the “Leadership Rigor”.  Between the content in the book, Erica’s ability to deliver across a Team setting partnered with a series of individual coaching sessions was exactly what I needed to break through into my next level leadership.   Erica has a mastery of leadership principles across all levels and amazed me with her ability to deliver the material while reading the audience with an exceptional emotional intelligence.  Erica has many options to choose from, individual to Team dynamics and found her to be very accommodating finding a solution that worked.  If you dare Erica will leave no stone unturned with you or your leadership team.  Her natural personality coupled with the experience she has gained during her career and as a teacher is unparalleled.  I only wish I had this exposure 10-15 years ago, so don’t wait!”

Daniel Crissman
Global Head Cross Therapeutic Program Management, Johnson & Johnson

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My interactions with Erica began approximately 25 years into my career at SG. As a seasoned successful professional I was confident in my leadership approach and abilities. I quickly realized (in my first meeting with Erica) how much I didn’t yet know about leadership! Over the past seven years Erica has coached and taught me lessons that have provided me with knowledge, identified blind spots and unlocked feelings that have not only made me a better leader but also a better spouse, parent, and overall person. Erica’s teachings have been effective and impactful to leaders in our organization at all points of their careers. What I can testify is that a career is a long time and meeting Erica when I did was a gift that every leadership professional would be extremely lucky to get. She is an absolute Game Changer. 

Jon Weisman
Divisional Sales, Stephen Gould

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Erica is truly a Leader of Leaders. She holds an extremely high bar for herself and those she chooses to work with. Be prepared to look closely in the mirror. If you’re frustrated with your business results, Erica will undoubtedly fix your vision problem of not being able to see the problem is YOU! Park your ego at the door and prepare to be transformed. Erica is a “mastery level” leadership coach. She executes extemporaneous insight perfectly targeted and applicable in a “Real time” leadership coaching experience. Management change: $200,000… Vertical market strategy: $500,000……Hiring Erica as your leadership coach….Priceless 

Steve Lang
CEO, Dancker

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A few years back, I was feeling stalemated in my growth as a leader and my leadership of my company. Funny how life is that when you are searching and open to the possibilities that your needs can be met. This is how Erica has filled this need. Working with her over the past 4 years, we have been able to transform how the employees of my company approach the execution of our business. The cornerstone of the program that she helped me create is Mindful Leadership: leading self, leading others, leading leaders. This process started with her introducing these leadership concepts to the senior leadership team through a series of workshops and 1:1 leadership coaching. She has had a profound impact on this team, which has spread throughout the organization. We have become a high performance organization by embracing and incorporating her concepts into the everyday practice of our organization.

Personally, she has touched my life in a dramatic way by seeing in me and challenging me to be the leader that I have the potential of being. I have found a partner to help me create a sustainable enterprise of transformational leaders.

Jimmy Hanson
CEO, The Hampshire Companies

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Over the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Erica and witnessing her transform our business and culture. Through her coaching, facilitating, training and mentorship, we have been able to increase our performance and productivity as an organization, and we can proudly say that we officially ‘walk the talk.’ On a personal level, I have benefitted immensely from Erica’s philosophy and guidance, which has helped me become the leader I am today. Thank you Erica!  

Kim Ings
Executive Vice President, Stephen Gould

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Hands down, Erica is the best executive coach I have ever worked with. She curates her unique set of skills & experiences as a seasoned executive, a leadership maven, and a deeply invested coach, to tailor a program that will level up any executive leader with a growth-mindset. I am a better leader today because I work with Erica. More importantly, I am building better leaders around me because of my work with Erica.

Katie Mazuk
Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

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Erica has created a high level of awareness for many of the areas I was under-performing from both a leadership perspective as well as the strategic and tactical aspect of running my business. She has helped create many breakthroughs for me in these areas by challenging me to think and work at a higher altitude as well questioning and redirecting my approach to dealing with issues I face as a CEO. I have seen her work in both a group setting with other CEO’s and my team at Reliance as well as one on one sessions. In all of these environments she effectively confronts challenging issues and exhibits great leadership while bring teams to new levels of performance.

One of the unique things about her approach is that she does not engage in coaching techniques that amount to just some additional positive reinforcement. Instead, she challenges the status quo in order to drive a true culture and or paradigm shift in the actions and behaviors we use.

Phil Vigeant
CEO, Reliance Vitamins


In coaching teams, Erica has the rare gift of being able to cut through the corporate nonsense to ensure the real issues are surfaced and addressed. She’s very direct in her approach , but is able to clearly contextualize the value of challenging the way teams think in order to help move them up the learning curve quickly. Despite her candid approach, she is able to make team members feel safe and supported while challenging behaviors that are not serving either teams or their individual members. And she’s able to do all this while somehow making the experience challenging, fun and energizing…

Valerie Kitchen
Vice-President, Bristol Myers Squibb

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Leading an organization, a team or any group of individuals is a journey. As I experienced as an athlete always trying to get better each year took hard work and an understanding of the areas in which I need to improve to reach the next level. That takes not only someone who can see the subtle and not so subtle but someone who is able to communicate and challenge an individual to push themselves to greater heights. Erica opened up my mind to the possibilities and challenged me in much the same way as a leader. There are so many facets to leadership and understanding communication and the impact one has on others through verbal and non-verbal cues is so important. The insights she provided and the environment she created for our one to one sessions enabled me to change and grow where I needed it most. It not only helped with my team, but it helped me influence change, grow my team’s capabilities, collaborate more effectively with my partners and communicate more effectively at home with two teenage daughters!

If you want to grow and you are willing to open your mind to the possibilities for improving your relationships in business or elsewhere in your life, take the journey!

Bob Campo
Chief Financial Officer & Principal, The Hampshire Companies

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Erica has introduced us to coherent conceptual frameworks to address everything from achieving organizational excellence to identifying and improving upon our leadership skills. I have a much better understanding of how I “show up” and am working hard and productively to keep improving. She has a mastery of frameworks for analyzing organizational and individual (personal and professional) issues, which she underpins with a deep knowledge of the literature and other current research. I must have a good night’s sleep and be on my toes before coming to a board meeting or our one-on-one.

Erica encourages our group to take risks and never allows the compassionate rescue of a board member confronting accountability for making a difficult decision. The group “carefrontational,” and that is grounded in our really wanting to help our colleagues, often by making observations they are not so happy to hear. Erica continually asks us to raise our expectations of ourselves and our colleagues; I am enthusiastic about the challenge.

Paul Flowerman
President, Vistage Board Member, PLT Thomas

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I worked with another leadership coach for several years and never achieved the leadership & managerial breakthroughs that I have with Erica Peitler. Erica has an incredible gift of clarity for framing issues that ultimately leads to both understanding and the right solutions. As a result, we’ve reached solutions to vexing problems In relatively short-order that were not only good for our business, but were good for my partner and me.

Ned Stern
CCO and Business Owner, Kreisler Corporation

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I started working with Erica in the summer of 2011 after I was newly promoted to an executive level position at one of Canada’s largest pharmaceutical companies. I could go on and tell you how 2012 has been a landmark year in terms of my team’s performance but I’d rather tell you about my experience with Erica and her tremendous coaching abilities.

Erica is someone who I trust and respect deeply. She has sat in my chair, is incredibly insightful and creates a supportive environment where one is completely at ease talking about one’s blind spots, barriers or lack of awareness of the things getting in the way of unleashing leadership potential.

In the time I’ve worked with her, my greatest take away from our sessions is the lessons I’ve learned about the importance of communication & relationships. From articulating a compelling vision or understanding the impact of a leader’s words to appreciating the influence your relationships with people have on team performance.

There is no question that growing as a leader is hard work. Having a coach/mentor like Erica to push you, hold you accountable & support you along the way unquestionably accelerated my capabilities as a leader. The results are showing with the stronger relationships I have with my team and the overall performance of our unit.

Mark Findlay
Vice-President – Marketing/Access, Astra-Zeneca Canada


Erica is a “cut above” most of the executive facilitators/leadership development consultants I’ve worked with as she possesses: 1) substantive senior-level leadership experience, 2) excellent facilitative/consultative skills and 3) the skillful tenacity required to get teams to look into the mirror, address their opportunity areas and move forward as one team.

Eric Miller
Vice-President – Sales, Applegate Farms


Working with Erica as a leadership coach through my career transition journey has been a tremendous and rewarding experience with incredible valuable in preparing for my new role.  She leveraged her business experience and amazing insights to crystalize my career experiences and ‘personal brand’  through a leadership framework that maximized the impact of the interview conversation and early success in a new role. Erica provides the optimal balance of challenging you toward breakthrough thinking and providing insight, guidance and skill in crystallizing key points to enhance your ‘Language of Leadership’ through practical leadership models.  A true experiential experience with an engaging and motivating style. She is personable, energetic, authentic, and positive….get ready to be ignited and inspired to increase your personal power and leadership impact….

Brenda S Weaver
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals


Erica’s energy, authenticity and unique ability to connect with people is as good as I’ve seen – she has the gift of seeing things others can’t, and the experience & intelligence to find solutions to hard to solve issues. When you’re building a team, Erica is a top “draft choice” to help make that team a winner.

Timothy Hayes
President, North America, Bayer Consumer Care

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Working with Erica over the past six months has been a challenging and rewarding experience; one that has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.  Coaching is a learning process, and like many other learning processes, you get the most out of it by putting the most in — this is Erica’s strength — she knows how to when to push you to improve, and the effort you put into it will pay you back tenfold.  Erica’s approach is straightforward and no nonsense, and is ideally suited to making the most significant progress in the shortest time.  I would work with Erica again without hesitation, and have already recommended her to colleagues and friends.

Dave Coleman

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What is Leadership? Is it vision, trust vulnerability? Yes, yes, yes, and one can’t forget the most significant – hard work. How can it be that something so seemingly simple, be so complex? The way that one chooses to work their way through the Leadership minefield will either arm them for greatness and real personal growth or conversely, staying in one’s comfort zone, guarded and knowing that others will treat you in kind. Comfort is the key…

Erica is not only good at comfort but, more important, a master at discomfort. It is through this process Erica coaches us in understanding trust, vulnerability, emotions, compassion to name just a few, peeling away and giving us an understanding of the bad and unnecessary and arming us with the necessary tools to lead and succeed. Thanks to Erica, I have never been more “uncomfortable,” yet simultaneously experiencing such personal and team growth.

Todd Anderson
Principal, The Hampshire Companies

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Erica Peitler is a facilitator extraordinaire.  Active, energetic, targeted and inspiring are all attributes of her approach to leading individuals and organizations to the next level. I came away with greater clarity, energy and enthusiasm, and felt more connected to the entire team after her workshop.

Barbara E. Kauffman
Executive Vice President, Newark Regional Business Partnership


Working with Erica over the past year has been a highly enriching and valuable experience. Erica is intelligent and perceptive, drawing on a breadth of professional experience to challenge an individual to stretch beyond his/her comfort zone to reach a higher level of performance. The ability to work with her “real time” on complex issues at work has made me a more effective leader, providing benefits to the organization and a renewed sense of accomplishment for myself. I strongly recommend Erica’s direct, no non-sense coaching style for individuals and teams who are committed to continuous learning and improvement.

Wayne Weiner, Ph.D.
Vice President Business Development, DSM Pharmaceutical Products

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I continue to be impressed with Erica’s exceptional leadership and endless energy. These qualities combined with her superior strategic thinking and impeccable professional ethics make her an outstanding professional equally suitable to be either a corporate executive or a leadership coach.

Alex Kanybin
Partner, Strategy&

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Erica has enlightened me to see life and business in new perspective and with her persistence my business and personal life have been enriched. 

As a technology person, I always viewed life in a binary way. Erica, through her insight and more importantly her gift of communication, exposed me to a whole new way of viewing interpersonal relations and taught me to better understand the deeper issues.

She was instrumental in getting us through a difficult reorganization that involved the termination of a founding partner. Could not have done it without her. Erica was there to cut through all the peripheral issues and clear the way for a successful reorganization.

For those committed to change, Erica will challenge you in a way that will have you find that AHAA moment.

Marvin Fischer
President, Goldfinch Cloud Solutions


The experience of working with Erica has been truly transformational. After 10 months of coaching, Erica has helped me noticeably improve my corporate presence and overall communication skills. Erica is not only a first class coach; she complements that with a wealth of executive management experience and brings valuable insight and a fresh perspective into each coaching session. Above all, Erica is a skillful listener who deftly evaluates each situation and guides you to look at issues and opportunities from several different perspectives. Throughout our time together she helped guide me in developing and implementing real-life solutions to everyday problems. I would recommend Erica to any professional looking to prepare for a wider, global role where relationship building and communication are key success factors.

Scott Geary
Sales Professional, DSM-Pharmaceuticals


I worked with Erica both as a part of a team and on an individual basis for the past 2 years. I found Erica to be very adept in learning about me, understanding me and identifying the areas of opportunity that I needed to work to have the most impact for me in my current role/organization and also to take forward in the future. She made me think about myself and my work differently which enabled me to improve leadership skills and to presence myself more effectively. Since engaging with Erica, my confidence has grown and I’ve made a bigger impact to my organization and I’m now prepared to do the same for my career. Thank you Erica.

Dan Byard
Group Director, Bristol Myers Squibb

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When I was introduced to Erica I was stuck in a pattern of behavior which was limiting the upside potential in my business and personal relationships. I was frustrated and stressed at work and unhappy. We started my leadership journey with a strong dose of how blind I was to the impact I was having on others, despite my “good intentions”; my first lesson in self awareness and “emotional intelligence “. I have been working with Erica now for 4 years. The depth of her leadership tool kit is like Mary Poppins’ handbag. She seems to have an endless supply of new skills for me to practice and a broad array of leadership subjects to learn which has given me much greater depth as a business leader. My work with Erica has been a transformational life changing experience.

Mark Rosen, Sr. 
Vice President & Principal, The Hampshire Companies

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I have read numerous books written by all the guru’s of management and leadership. Reading is very powerful but what Erica brings to the table is pushing leaders to act into the person and role they want to be. I came into the work with Erica thinking I know this stuff and can polish a few edges. Her constant coaching has put me in a place to accept that if I want improvement; financial and personal, I must change something. Accepting myself and growing from there is hard work. Erica’s coaching has kept me on tract to improve my relationships, my career and myself. She has helped me find direction and kicks my butt when I turn back. Doing connects the knowledge in the brain (reading) to results that mean something. Thank you Erica!

Curt Hurst
Account Director, CBRE Asset Services @ The Hampshire Companies


I never knew what I wanted to do with my life in terms of my career. I got my master’s in broadcast journalism, but quickly decided journalism was not my passion. I took a job in sales because I wanted some business experience and there was an opportunity to make decent money, but again, I found myself without motivation. I then decided to perhaps become a teacher, but before I made another hasty career change, I decided to speak with Erica Peitler.

My coaching sessions with Erica helped me get to the point where I could make decisions based on my own personal passions.  She suggested that I take time out to focus on my life, helped me to prioritize my values, encouraged me to explore all options and gave me the confidence to decide.  The coaching process was just what I needed at that point in my life and I must admit, I was a coaching skeptic going into this process. However, I went from sweating in my sleep at night from stress, to pursuing my passion without any guilt and 100% confidence.

During our sessions Erica was always prepared, made me feel comfortable and her positive energy and passion was contagious. I am now working in an industry that I am passionate about and everyone I know can see the difference in me. If you are at a stalemate in your life or are having trouble figuring out the answer the difficult dilemma, I definitely would recommend the services of Erica Peitler.  I say this, because I was in that exact situation going nowhere fast, and now I am not, and Erica is the biggest reason why my life is back on track.  Thanks Erica!

Eugene Reynolds
Health & Human Performance Coach, MoMaCo Movement Massage Coaching


Erica is very supportive and imparts a confidence that makes you believe you can achieve all your goals and become the leader you want to be!

Vita Drieberg
CFO, Bayer Healthcare Canada

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