#LOTG Season #6 Podcast Episode #1 – Introduction to The Context of Leadership

Season 6 Episode ONE of the Intrepid Way podcast series, Leadership on the Ground, with Erica Peitler and co-host Todd Schnick

Welcome to Leadership on the Ground Season 6 – The Context of Leadership!

The Context of Leadership


SEASON 6 EPISODE ONE – An Introduction to the Context of Leadership!

In this season, we’re going to be talking about the context of leadership, which is all about answering the question of ‘why?’. If we give both a framework and a grounding around the ‘why’ of our visions, our actions, and our plans, we create the transparency, safe space, and alignment around how we can now move forward together as teams and organizations.

Simple to say, right? Yes, it’s more challenging to pull off because it requires your mindset, your skillset, and your tool set to apply. Getting it right and getting it wrong has consequences, and in this season, we’ll explore all of that.

Discussion Guide for this episode:

  1. This is all about answering the question of why. What is meant by that (Knowing the why unlocks gridlock)? It can start, and stop, action. It can be an accelerator.
  2. Understanding the why of your business is critically important. And most people do not have the courage to ask what it is.
  3. When an employee doesn’t know the why, they are afraid of action. It all stops…
  4. This simply provides a structure to operate within, “freedom within structure.” This is empowerment!
  5. Every organization has a different context.
  6. How the WHEN and the why work together (alititude).
  7. Cannot achieve ANY of this without a foundation of good communication. Here, communication skills are a differentiator.
  8. There are two common problems: One, the context is wrong. But two, and more likely, it is simply not being communicated.
  9. Internal context must align with external circumstances.
  10. There must be a narrative. We have to be the narrators of our organizational story/journey: Where were we, where are we, and where are we going?
  11. “We create MEANING through context.” Through understanding the context of the organization, employees begin to see what their role is. All work is collaborative.
  12. Upcoming episodes:
  • Why context matters
  • The context mindset
  • The context skill set
  • The context tool set
  • The consequences of context

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