The Leadership Rigor™ Coaching Experience

signature graphic red | The Leadership Rigor™ Coaching ExperienceThe Facts: Leadership can be learned and mastered if you are willing to do the work!

The Challenge: The skills, capabilities and expectations required for you to successfully lead yourself, lead teams and lead at the organizational level escalate as you advance in your career.

The Watch Out: Business professionals invest significant time and energy learning the technical aspects of their role, building their expertise and then look to use this knowledge as rationale for their promotions into higher level positions. Unfortunately while this experience is incredibly valuable they are missing a big insight and wasting precious development time that can hold them back later in their careers.

The Mistake: Executives often leave their leadership development, a focus on their soft behavioral skills for later, believing they are initially less important and therefore a lower priority. Thinking you can focus on these skills/behaviors when you need them is a high risk choice to make. These soft skills take time to learn and affect the quality of your relationships today whether you are aware of this or not. Your soft skills, or emotional intelligence (EQ), have also been consistently proven to be more influential to your career success and income than the technical aspects of your role! Your ability to influence and lead other leaders requires a high level of emotional intelligence as well as what we call “personal power” not just expertise or position power.

This is especially true if you want to advance beyond being a subject matter expert (SME) or individual contributor in your career and ultimately lead teams of people or secure an organizational leadership role.

The Opportunity: Investing in leadership coaching both early and continuously at the appropriate entry points, can be priceless to aspiring leaders as they learn how to influence, presence themselves and develop the talent around them more quickly. These skills are what will most likely distinguish a future team or organizational leader as a High Potential Talent so it separates them from the crowd!

You can significantly accelerate your career and leadership development by partnering with a leadership coach who will challenge you to grow into your potential. And remember that your “talent” is an asset that either appreciates or depreciates with time! So stop wasting time and invest time now where it matters most! The Choice is yours to make!

Executive Leaders

Are you at an entry point of change, challenge or opportunity in your career? Leadership coaching might be a smart move right now to ensure that you skillfully navigate the playing field and put yourself in the best position to learn your way through this to achieve enduring success.

Whether you are in a new role, have your eye on the next role or are working through specific issues that require soft skill finesse along with business insights, we can partner with you on this critical leg of your journey!

We will help you examine, diagnose and then design your roadmap for addressing what lies ahead or right in front of you! Your Macro-Agenda, as we like to call it, will include taking a look at the bigger context of you and your future career/work life choices along with the current context of your reality today.

Our unique approach integrates coaching conversations on both business skills and leadership skills which will take you to another level of growth through applying conscious discipline and practice to get the outcomes you are seeking!

Aspiring Leaders

Living the dream? Sure an admirable goal!

What about realizing your potential and living your destiny?

Maybe an even better goal if you are willing to do the work!

We can partner with you to uncover and discover what your future as a leader can look like, sound like and feel like. Then we can design a plan with you to get there!

Whether you want to lead a team, an organization or just master leading yourself at the highest level of performance and productivity—we can co-create the action agenda you need to get what you want!

You know deep inside what your purpose is in this life—the question is will you do the work to fully reveal it to yourself consciously and then have the discipline and courage to do the work to make it a reality? An exciting choice!

CEO and C-Suite Leaders

You made it to the C-Suite! Congratulations!

You now potentially have one of the most exciting and loneliest roles on the planet! There are significant opportunities to leverage as you strive to grow, challenges to overcome as you navigate the competitive landscape, a current and next generation talent bench to develop, a culture to nurture and an executive leadership team that needs to be guided toward realizing its future vision while living its purpose— and the list just goes on and on!

So where do you seek insightful advice and the straight-up counsel you need?

Colleagues, Friends and Business Peers are all good resources for “bouncing around” your ideas and concerns IF you can be transparent and vulnerable, which unfortunately is not always the case. In fact, the truth is that you might get more of what you want to hear and less objective challenging of what you need to hear regarding the risks and reality of your thinking. And here’s another watch-out, you may get “the best they have to give” based on their own limited experiences and that may not be enough.

Here’s another approach! Choose to explore a coaching conversation with us and learn about our unique approach for engaging with C-Suite Executives and business owners.

We have been at the highest executive levels in some of the most competitive companies running Operating Divisions, R+D Organizations and Board level strategic initiatives. We have coached CEO’s of public and private companies AND most importantly we are grateful to have been personally coached throughout our own careers! So we get it and can now share it generously with YOU!

What makes us different is simple—the DNA of our approach starts with the fact that—we are Street Smart and People Smart. On top of this, we bring leading edge coaching tools and techniques along with the business acumen and social courage that comes from having a SEAT at the TABLE and making a difference! We integrate all of this into the coaching engagement.

We are not consultants who give you the answers, nor are we coaches who only give you the questions. We are coaches who are focused on experiential learning through engaging conversations that lead to outcomes we co-create together! And just to be clear—we are not neutral in the process! We have a point of view and we share it with you. You will be challenged to look outside and around your current business experiences and to consider making some new choices as you assess your way forward. Of course all the choices are always yours to make!

With our C-Suite clients we use our proprietary Organizational Excellence™ Model as a coaching conversation roadmap. We will explore with you where your priority challenges and opportunities are and we will talk through potential frameworks and approaches that allow you to create the start of an action plan you can more work through more thoroughly with your Executive Leadership Team.

As we build trust and gain experience together, you may want to consider expanding the circle of our engagement to directly involve your executive leadership team in an effort to further accelerate the impact of your coaching conversations on your business choices as well as expedite the learning of your team.

Our expertise is in creating customized leadership learning journeys for Organizations. And the power of the learning increases exponentially as we expand from the C-Suite to the Executive Leadership as well as the various leadership teams across your enterprise. We go well beyond team building—we build collaborative communities of change-ready leaders!

Unleashing the energy, voices and talent that exists within your organization can propel you forward into fully realizing your potential in performance, productivity and purpose!

Where we start together and where we end up may surprise you!