#LOTG Season #4 Podcast Episode #5 – Leading Teams – Part 2: Shifting from Me-Ology to We-Ology!

Season 4 Episode FIVE of the intrepidNOW podcast series, Leadership on the Ground, with Erica Peitler and co-host Todd Schnick, editor-in-chief at the intrepidNOW Network.

The Tensions of Leadership…

Listen in as we discuss Leading Teams – Part 2: Shifting from Me-Ology to We-Ology!

Leading Teams - Part 2: Shifting from Me-Ology to We-Ology!


SEASON 4 EPISODE FIVE – Leading Teams – Part 2: Shifting from Me-Ology to We-Ology!

Discussion Guide for this episode:

1. In Leading Teams Part 1 we talked about recalibrating yourself to lead teams, in part two, we talk about how to develop the team around you.

2. The tension of time, and how our relationship with time now has to shift. Time now has to be an investment in your people.

3. “You cannot think about taking time away from YOUR work to help others. Helping and serving others IS YOUR WORK!”

4. Relieve the tension from being a practitioner to now becoming a philosopher.

5. And you now have to worry about how your people are spending THEIR time.

6. The shift from being a “today” leader to becoming a “today AND tomorrow” leader. You are in the midst of a lot of things now, not just focused on your little world.

7. The tension of now having to worry about the organization is a difficult shift for many new leaders.

8. In addition to leading your direct reports AND serving the organization, you also now have to pay attention to peer-to-peer leaders, and be sure you are serving in cross-functional ways too.

9. Protecting your team, your peeps, may NOT be serving the organization well. And you have to be cognizant of this tension.

10. The tension of capacity. Do you have the capacity to handle all of this? And you have to teach capacity building to your team as well.

11. “Lack of capacity is the biggest reason most organizations do not make it to the next level.”

12. Composure is also important! Do you have the temperament to lead? Will you bring positive attributes to leadership? Or will you be negative?

13. You have to resolve issues at the point of contact, BEFORE they escalate.

14. Silos versus cross-functional collaboration. Mission critical to leader on behalf of the organization, especially as you are moving towards enterprise level leadership.

15. “Talent is an enterprise asset. Not yours.”


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