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Our Clients are Accomplished and Ambitious!

  • They want leading edge, real world applications for their challenges and opportunities—Insights Matter!
  • Solutions must FIT their business environment, talent and unique culture—not in cookie-cutter approaches—Context Matters!
  • Learning experiences must inspire growth and collaboration through deeper relationships with their colleagues—Sharing Matters!

Our Team is Accomplished and Ambitious—In Service of YOU!

  • Our “Street Credentials” include having been high potential (HI-PO) executives in corporate America. Exposed to rigorous training and development, stretched with job rotations and challenged to lead in real world VUCA conditions—we learned how to “Lead Leaders”.
  • And, full disclosure– we struggled along the way too! At times our fast-moving achievement orientation got us in trouble as our EQ development lagged behind our IQ capabilities.
  • So like many high potential executives—we have been coached throughout our careers to enhance our soft skills and make smart behavioral changes that positioned us to successfully lead teams and organizations.
  • We have worked on our edges, expanded our toolbox of leadership styles and gained mastery in challenging skill areas like giving feedback and engaging in productive conflict! We definitely get it!
  • We are passionate about BOTH communication and relationships. Throughout our business careers we have continuously invested in our learning practices to connect deeply, build the future talent bench and create high performing teams and organizations.
  • Consistently, We have reached the highest levels of Executive Leadership within the organizations we have worked. And they are among the most successful and competitive companies out there!

Partnering Together

Our engagement begins with building TRUST together in our partnership! We are curious! We will ask questions, listen deeply and ensure we understand YOU and YOUR WORLD!

  • You can count on us to be open AND transparent about everything! We want you to get a feel for our energy, personality and approach! Chemistry is important with this work!
  • If we BOTH feel excited about building a partnership together great! In the event it is not a mutual match for both of us no worries! We also promise to do all that we can to make a referral connection for you! We have a great network!
  • With our Street Smart and People Smart Story and your Current Context and Future Aspiration Story mutually understood—our potential partnership BEGINS.
  • Our Engagements are 100% grounded in believing in YOU and YOUR Company!
  • We passionately commit to a partnership that delivers the learning experiences you need to transform your Potential into breakthroughs in Performance and Productivity!
  • Living into YOUR PURPOSE and realizing YOUR GOALS becomes our shared focus!
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dna connect | Street Smart and People Smart
dna connect | Street Smart and People Smart